Allegro Software Development Corporation

Remote Firmware Provisioning for Network Enabled Consumer Devices

Compatible Operating Systems:Any OS

Supported Architectures:Any network enabled hardware 16-bit and above

Simplify service and support, automate setup configuration and enhance product functionality by including remote provisioning capabilities in your consumer device. Allegro provides a full suite of Internet software toolkits that save development time and integration effort to support remote field upgrade capabilities. Used standalone or tightly integrated with the RomPager suite of products, Allegro’s proven technology has been deployed in 25+ million devices worldwide.

RomWebClient – HTTP Client

The RomWebClient toolkit enables your development team to embed HTTP client capabilities in your consumer device. A product then has the capability to communicate with a remote Web server to check for application updates or firmware upgrades and download them for immediate use.

RomWebClient Secure – Secure HTTP Client

Add enhanced security capabilities to your design with RomWebClient Secure. This toolkit provides support for TLS 1.0,1.1 and SSL 3.0 encryption protocols. With the included libraries and certificate services your embedded consumer device can participate in secure communications with any secure Web server.

RomXML – Embedded XML

XML is the accepted standards based technology for information exchange between computing platforms, including large-scale enterprise databases, small server applications and embedded consumer devices. XML lends itself well to representing a complex database with a mix of data types. The RomXML toolkit offers field proven XML parsing and framing capabilities specifically built for resource constrained consumer products.


  • Standards based implementation of remote firmware provisioning
  • Compact and efficient implementation based on multiple generations of product technologies optimized for embedded systems in consumer electronics
  • Mature product with expert support and commitment to track evolving market requirements


  • Portable across implementations of TCP/IP and run-time environments ware applications
  • Portable to any network enabled hardware platform
  • Seamless integration with many OS run-time environments
  • Small code footprint and efficient use of run-time resources
  • Source code licensing


All embedded consumer devices, embedded networking, building automation, server storage networking, networking technologies, telematics


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Contact Information

Allegro Software Development Corporation

1740 Massachusetts Avenue
Boxborough, MA, 01719

tele: 978.264.6600
fax: 978.266.2839

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