Allegro Software Development Corporation

RomPlug UPnP Application Toolkits

Compatible Operating Systems:
Any OS

Compatible Hardware Platforms:
Any 16-bit and above

RomPlug UPnP toolkits are precision engineered products
enabling standardized self configuration and self management functionality for network gateway and entertainment devices. Provided in highly portable source form, the RomPlug kits are easy to integrate and provide a robust framework that meets or exceeds current industry UPnP and DLNA interoperability benchmarks. RomPlug application toolkits are tailored to address the specific requirements of several classes of networked device:

  • RomPlug IGD enables all UPnP functions required for Internet Gateway Devices (IGDs) including firewall management and control from standard PC applications.
  • RomPlug MediaRender enables DLNA/UPnP compliant
    MediaRenderer devices that can discover and stream content from UPnP servers.
  • RomPlug MediaServe enables DLNA/UPnP compliant
    MediaServer devices that can offer content and content directory services in a vendor neutral fashion.
  • RomPlug MediaControl powers DLNA/UPnP control point implementations that can discover and connect
    connect content servers and renderers across a network.

By providing specific implementation APIs and examples, along with the underlying RomPlug core UPnP support, the RomPlug application toolkits enable device vendors to save many months of development and test effort. These sophisticated toolkits are optimized extensions of Allegro’s set of fundamental device management technologies that have been proven and improved over many generations of customer design wins.


  • Complete integrated suites that address implementation of discovery, device management and service components of the UPnP/DLNA architecture.
  • Proven conformance with DLNA/UPnP specifications and demonstrated interoperability with a broad range of AV Servers, AV Renderers and other UPnP applications
  • Compact and efficient implementation, based on multiple generations of product technologies optimized
    for embedded systems
  • Mature product with expert support and commitment to track evolving market requirements reduces engineering risk and integration timescales for product developers.


  • Portable across many configurations of TCP/IP and run-time environment
  • Portable to any network enabled hardware platform
  • Seamless integration with leading RTOS environments
  • Small code footprint and efficient use of run-time resources
  • Source code licensing approach.


Car Infotainment and Telematics; Digital Video; Digital Imaging; Broadband Access; Emerging Consumer Devices; Building Automation; Server and Storage Networking; Networking Technologies


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Boxborough, MA, 01719

tele: 978.264.6600
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