Atomera Selects TSI Semiconductors to Accelerate Semiconductor Materials Advancements

Foundry to Provide Manufacturing, Electrical Test and Characterization Services to Shorten Atomera’s Time to Market

Atomera Incorporated (NASDAQ: ATOM), a semiconductor materials and intellectual property licensing company focused on deploying its proprietary technology into the semiconductor industry, today announced a master R&D service agreement with TSI Semiconductors, a specialty foundry with ISO, Automotive and Industrial Class Certifications. Atomera will leverage its significant investments in Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®), and the manufacturing capability of TSI to accelerate fab integration and shorten time to market for its More-than-Moore architectural and material innovation.

“As a developer of advanced semiconductor materials, Atomera is constantly seeking to provide better electronic performance by enhancing transistors with our quantum engineered material innovations,” said Scott Bibaud, Atomera President and CEO. “Our foundry agreement with TSI significantly cuts fab cycle times, allowing for faster product development, test, and integration, and should accelerate our time to market with both existing and new customers. I could not be more excited by the dramatic improvement in development time our relationship with TSI allows.”

“TSI’s Technology Development Services are a perfect fit for cutting edge semiconductor technology companies like Atomera,” said Bruce Gray, Chief Executive Officer at TSI. “Their strong IP portfolio of new semiconductor materials such as MST®, combined with our 200mm fabrication capabilities and our focus on custom solutions and commercialization services, forms a partnership that showcases our capabilities and fast tracks Atomera’s development.”

This partnership allows Atomera to execute cycles of learning 5 to 10 times faster as compared to the engineering evaluation process experienced at foundries or integrated device manufacturers currently testing MST®. As a result, adoption of Atomera’s technology in the industry can be significantly accelerated. With MST® technology, manufacturers can address their yield, power and performance challenges at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches. Atomera breathes new life into semiconductor fabs by providing up to a full node of performance benefits to existing fab processes enabling significantly better performance in today’s electronics. Atomera’s patented material technology enables more efficient and better controlled current flow, leading to dramatic improvements in device performance and power efficiency.

Atomera will be holding meetings with customers, analysts, media and investors during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) January 5-7, 2017 in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel. To schedule a meeting please contact: or

About Atomera

Atomera Incorporated has developed Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®), which increases performance and power efficiency in semiconductor transistors. MST® can be implemented using equipment already deployed in semiconductor manufacturing facilities and is complementary to other nano-scaling technologies already in the semiconductor industry roadmap. More information can be found at

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