Hyperflow™ Technology From Inventi™ Complements Dr. Goodenough’s Breakthrough in Solid-State Batteries, Ends Battery Fire Risk

Non-destructive rapid charging is the future of rechargeable batteries.

The inventor of lithium-ion batteries, Dr. John Goodenough, is still making major breakthroughs; at the same time, technology firm Inventi has pioneered a “hardware smart” solution to the fundamental problems with li-ion batteries that will also work seamlessly with Dr. Goodenough’s solid-state batteries once they come to market. That solution is Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology (http://www.inventi.us/hyperflow-technology/), and it’s not theoretical — it can make recharging batteries safer and faster, starting now.

“Our technology is fundamentally different from the inefficient ‘brute force’ method that everyone uses today,” explains Richard Dellacona, inventor of Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology charging method. “It’s fast, efficient and safe because it doesn’t produce additional electrical resistance. No resistance means no heat, no degradation of the battery and no danger of fires. Hyperflow™ Technology is a new approach to charging that will work extremely well with Dr. Goodenough’s solid-state batteries — or any other battery chemistry, for that matter.”

“Dr. Goodenough and his team at UT Austin are doing some amazing work,” says Gary Davi, founder and CEO of Inventi™. “Battery safety is on everyone’s mind, and we’re proud to be part of solving the problem rather than kicking it down the road. Like so many great innovations, Hyperflow™ Technology is relatively simple physics that produces powerful results. That’s why we call it a ‘hardware smart’ solution.”

As reported by UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering, the design of today’s li-ion batteries contains a fundamental flaw: “If a battery cell is charged too quickly, it can cause dendrites or ‘metal whiskers’ to form and cross through the liquid electrolytes, causing a short circuit that can lead to explosions and fires. Instead of liquid electrolytes, the researchers rely on glass electrolytes that enable the use of an alkali-metal anode without the formation of dendrites.”

Hyperflow™ Technology doesn’t use electronics during the charging process, so the metal whiskers are a non-issue, and batteries can be charged as fast as physically possible. And speed will be important as batteries continue to play a larger role in powering the world.

Dr. Goodenough’s solid-state battery is still many years from being fully commercialized, but Hyperflow™ Technology is available now. In short, there’s no need to wait for safer, faster charging. Moreover, when solid-state batteries do become the standard, Inventi™’s groundbreaking technology will offer the best and most efficient way to charge these remarkable pieces of hardware.

About Inventi™

Founded in 2015, Inventi™ is the developer of “hardware smart” innovations for the consumer electronics, high-tech, energy and utility industries. The company’s first year of operation has seen the release of Veactor™ xPath™ Technology and Thor™ Hyperflow Technology. These technologies address significant problems with power transmission/conversion and battery charging, respectively.

Contact Information

Inventi, Inc.

1278 Glenneyre Street #208
Laguna Beach, CA, 92651

tele: (949) 892-0447
fax: (949) 892-0447

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