3D imaging & sensing technologies: an expected explosion within the consumer market segment | 3D Imaging & Sensing 2017 & STMicroelectronics ToF Proximity Sensor in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus reports

“Beyond its traditional medical and industrial markets, 3D imaging & sensing is ready to conquer consumer and automotive sectors”, explains Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader, Imaging at Yole Développement (Yole), part of Yole Group of Companies. The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company announces an exponential growth pattern star ting from US$1.3 billion in 2016 and reaching US$9 billion in 2022.

These results are part of the new imaging technology and market report published by Yole, titled 3D Imaging and Sensing 2017. This analysis report provides a clear-cut vision of the challenges ahead for 3D imaging & sensing. Some technologies will see developments in the billions of dollars, and some in the tens or hundreds of millions. The tide will not enrich all players… As an independent observer of markets and technologies, the consulting company Yole proposes today a unique understanding of the revolution before it happens.

A 3D imaging & sensing market revolution is ahead, thanks to an expected explosion of consumer applications. For several decades, 3D imaging & sensing technologies have matured under the umbrella of high-end markets and been applied with great success, mainly in medical and industrial applications.

… Big things are on the horizon, especially for technologies like ToF, which is bringing device miniaturization and structured light which proposes high-resolution mapping at reasonable cost.

Today, systems based on 3D sensing technologies are part of the most profitable and innovative imaging solutions. Leaders of the consumer market clearly understood benefits of these new type of sensors.

For several years, STMicroelectronics has been investigating ToF technology and now provides several smartphone manufacturers with ranging sensors. Under its latest dedicated reverse engineering & costing report on STMicroelectronics’ latest proximity sensor embedded in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, System Plus Consulting, part of Yole Group of Companies proposes a relevant analysis of STMicroelectronics approach. In a very small form factor (2.80 mm x 2.40 mm), the FlightSense™ proximity sensor is a custom Apple device measuring half the size of the rest of STMicroelectronics’s portfolio…

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