– Fully optimized software library provides video analytics building blocks for developers to speed sophisticated video design.

Norwood, MA (03/22/2010) – Responding to increased developer demand for low cost, fast and efficient video technology software tools, Analog Devices, Inc. is now offering a free comprehensive video primitives library for use in real time video analytics applications. The software modules are fully optimized for the Blackfin processor family and include image processing task level primitives to enable faster development cycles for video analytics applications. The free software modules, available in object code or a C source wrapper, provide advanced video design functionality such as video filtering, transforms, color operations and utilities suitable for a wide range of applications, including video surveillance, automotive vision systems and industrial vision.

The Video Analytics Toolbox Library for the Analog Devices Blackfin processor family is an implementation of imaging tools which can be utilized in the creation of applications such as intrusion detection and left/removed object detection deployed within video surveillance equipment. The library also supports foreground objects/blob detection in video captured from a stationary camera. The C-callable application programming interfaces (APIs) in the library are flexible and can be used in numerous video surveillance use cases.

The Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox modules are bit exact with native ADI APIs and provide C reference codes and wrapper codes for OpenCV-like APIs. Demo code for demonstration of primitive implementations on Blackfin include color conversion, convolution, correlation, sobel filtering, image morphology, kalman filtering, image pyramids, image filters, matrix/vector operations, integral image, and Hough transform.

“By offering these fundamental building blocks for image processing design, we’re enabling developers to streamline the design of powerful, feature-rich imaging solutions,” said Michael Long, Analog Devices’ Security Segment Manager. “These Blackfin-optimized development modules allow solution providers and equipment manufacturers to optimize their analytics implementations, thus reducing the required processing bandwidth, power consumption, and overall cost of the resulting integrated solutions while greatly reducing time to deployment.”

New Optimized Software Library Endorsed by Developers like IntelliVision

“IntelliVision’s products have consistently benefited from the Blackfin processor family’s high performance video processing, compression and streaming capabilities,” said Vaidhi Nathan, President of IntelliVision, a developer of video analytics solutions for Analog Devices processor platforms. “Now with the availability of the optimized software building blocks, we can develop and deliver the next generation of our Blackfin-based intelligent video and automated monitoring solutions faster, with greater code density, and reduced development costs.”

The 16/32-bit Blackfin convergent processor family integrates control and data processing in a single chip solution. Due to its powerful digital signal processing capability, low cost and low power consumption, it is the processor of choice for designers implementing video acquisition, processing, compression, and streaming. It is the powerful combination of software flexibility, scalability and connectivity that has gained Blackfin widespread adoption in applications that require video processing. The Video Analytics Toolbox Library and Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox deliverables have been optimized for the BF51x, BF52x, BF53x, BF54x and BF561 processor families. Demonstrations are available for the BF527, BF533, BF548 and BF561 EZ-Kit Lite.

Pricing and Availability

The free software modules are available by visiting: Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox or Blackfin Video Analytics Toolbox Library

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