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  • New! Free Download: Updated Pentek SDR Handbook

    Before we look at SDR and its various implementations in embedded systems, we’ll review a theorem fundamental to sampled data systems such as those encountered in Software-Defined Radios.

  • Xilinx Next Generation 28nm FPGA Technology Overview

    Xilinx has chosen 28 nm high-metal gate (HKMG) high performance, low-power process technology and combined it with a new unified ASMBL™ architecture to create a new generation of FPGAs that offer lower power and higher performance. This white paper describes the challenges the semiconductor industry faces in addressing market requirements and describes how these can be solved with the right 28 nm process technology. The breakthrough combination of a high performance, low-power process with architectural innovations makes new 28 nm FPGAs well suited for power sensitive applications, bandwidth-intensive, and ultra-high end applications.

  • Maximize System Performance Using Xilinx Based AXI4 Interconnects

    Key strategic design decisions made early in the development cycle often have far-reaching impact on the overall results achieved with the final design. Xilinx offers many product solutions with single and multiple on-chip processing elements, such as multiple MicroBlaze™ processors or ARM® Cortex™-A9 processors, DMA engines, communications, video, and DSP IP. Evaluation Kits and Targeted Design Platforms are available to serve both as sample system designs and as advanced FPGA development platforms for the underlying FPGA selection.

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