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  • Designing an Efficient DSP Solution: Choosing the Right Processor and Software Development Toolchain

    Read about key challenges in DSP implementation from both hardware and software application perspectives, and learn how a properly selected and configured DSP processor coupled with an advanced software development toolchain can overcome these challenges. This white paper describes how to generate tight, efficient, and maintainable DSP code for a platform consisting of an IP core based on a specialized instruction-set architecture (ISA) coupled with a DSP-aware toolchain.

  • Image Pipeline Tuning - The Road to Ultimate Image Quality

    This whitepaper is an introduction to image pipeline tuning for achieving best image quality for various combination of sensor and lens with varied lighting conditions in any camera based applications. It also covers issues with respect to image quality and care to be taken into consideration while evaluating the same.

  • High-speed Switched Serial Fabrics Improve System Design

    This handbook reviews the development of gigabit serial fabrics to enhance system optimization; the role of FPGAs to implement this technology; and how some of the latest products can be used in high-speed data acquisition, recording and SDR systems.

  • New! Free Download: Updated Pentek SDR Handbook

    Before we look at SDR and its various implementations in embedded systems, we’ll review a theorem fundamental to sampled data systems such as those encountered in Software-Defined Radios.

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