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  • The New World of Embedded Multicore Processing with Open Programming Models

    Standards and tools established for general-purpose multicore development environments have been adapted for heterogeneous multicore embedded applications, including those in the Internet of Things and mobile markets.

  • Data Concentrators are Key to Engineering a Smarter Grid

    To design cost-efficient and future-proof concentrators, developers need to carefully consider WAN and NAN options, hardware platform scalability, software availability and networking/data security design.

  • VoLTE Deployment Considerations

    Media processing accelerators based on power-efficient DSPs—in both PCIe and ATCA formats—offer the best cost/power/density solution for adding Voice over LTE to network elements.

  • Accelerate Server-based Media Processing

    A PCI Express media processing accelerator card offers benefits over additional servers for high-density voice and video processing in for network applications.

  • SoC FPGA Relies on Many Cores and 14 nm Tri-Gate Process

    Altera’s multicore FPGA uses Intel’s tri-gate (FinFET) 14 nm 3D process technology to combine logic, four ARM A53 cores and OpenCL as a heterogeneous SoC replacement.

  • Embedded Processing Overview

    Texas Instruments has the broadest portfolio of scalable DSP, MCU, differentiated ARM® and complementary analog products, offering complete system solutions for embedded developers. This portfolio offers the full range of power/performance requirements ensuring the right combination of attributes for the smallest portable devices to the largest multichannel systems and everything in between. In addition, TI offers design resources including extensive software (including open source), tools, technical training, in-person and online tech support, and engineer-to-engineer forums at Visit for technical literature, system block diagrams and more.

  • Spectrum Digital TI Processor Target Platforms

    TMS320C3x, TMS320VC33, and more!

  • Spectrum Digital Emulators for TI Processors

    New! XDS510PP MPSD, SPI530 MPSD, and more!

  • Off-the-Shelf Bridging Solutions from QuickLogic

    System developers have the challenge of matching processor and display interfaces, which unfortunately are often different. To address this problem, QuickLogic has developed the ArcticLink III BX solution platform which supports bridging a variety of display interfaces including RGB, MIPI-DSI, and LVDS. The ArcticLink III BX platform offers 15 silicon variants, which differ in the inputs and outputs supported as well as in maximum display resolution. This platform is ideal for applications where high performance, low power, and small size are critical...

  • On-Target Software Testing for TI Code Composer Studio™IDE

    One of the challenges many projects face is how to quickly and easily test their embedded application on live hardware. Testing on live hardware presents many challenges, including:

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