RapidIO Diagnostics made easy using RapidFET Probe ™

As I/O speeds increase from Mega hertz to Giga hertz and multi-drop busses have been replaced with point-to-point busses, our debugging challenges and constraints have changed significantly. Therefore our techniques and tools have had to change as well.

While logic Analyzers (LA) are still an important part of the debug process, a single probe point only offers visibility between two specific link partners and having multiple probe points is hardly practical in today’s dense PCB designs. So few if any LA connections are ever available in prototype hardware and most often none exist in production hardware.

JTAG connectivity to processors or switches is helpful but this only provides you with a single node view, which is hardly helpful when debugging system wide issues. Further, most processor or switch nodes today require different JTAG hardware and software tools so trying to gain a system wide view using JTAG can be costly and cumbersome if it is even possible.

What is really required is one set of hardware and software that can provide full system wide diagnostics and enable you to configure and optimize system settings as well as monitor errors, and performance.

RapidFET Professional and RapidFET Probe offer a comprehensive Network Management and Diagnostic solution that meets these requirements for RapidIO systems. RapidFET Probe provides a convenient new way to enhance your RapidIO network management and diagnostic capabilities. It allows you to connect your PC directly into your RapidIO network without the need for any special software running in your RapidIO system!

Connect RapidFET Probe directly to your system through a spare card slot (e.g. AMC, XMC, VXS, ATCA, etc) or directly though a CX4 connector. Then interact with RapidFET Probe via an Ethernet connection using RapidFET ProfessionalTM software on your PC.

RapidFET Probe is very portable and allows you to conveniently connect to any RapidIO System. It is excellent for FAE field support, debugging systems in your lab, and even on site customer demonstrations.

RapidFET Professional normally requires a Server to be running on the target system. However in deployed systems, most often all processors are running specific application software, so how do you test a failed system? With RapidFET Probe, there is no need to power down or re-boot one of the processors to load a server and diagnose your problem. Simply connect RapidFET Probe to the system and diagnose it in its failed state!

RapidFET Probe features:

  • Use with RapidFET Professional to conveniently connect to virtually any RapidIO system through adapters such as AMC, XMC, SMA, MMBX, VITA46, ATCA, etc.
  • Also has a rudimentary data capture capability. It utilizes a 256 MB DDR memory buffer to capture packet data for analysis.

  • Built in Data Generator for stimulating systems with traffic while monitoring errors and congestion.

  • Use any RapidFET Professional features using RapidFET Probe as an external host Performance and Error Monitors.

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Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation


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