Flash Programmers from Elprotronic Inc. for Texas Instruments= Microcontrollers

FlashPro430, GangPro430 for TI=s MSP430Fxx MCU.
Communication via JTAG, Spy-Bi-Wire or BSL
FlashPro-CC, GangPro-CC for TI=s Chipcon CCxx MCU.
Communication via Debug interface.
FlashPro2000 for TI=s DSP C24xx and C28xx MCU.
Communication via JTAG or SCI-BOOT interface.
FlashPro-LM for TI=s Stellaris MCU.
Communication via JTAG interface.


  • Support all microcontrollers in desired MCU family.
  • Programmable Vcc from 1.8V to 3.6V          
  • Assign unique serial numbers
  • Communication via USB port.
  • Multi-FPA API-DLL allows to control up to 16 programming adapters from external software – Visual C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, Command Line etc.
  • Works with Windows TM – 98SE, ME, 2000, XP(32-b), Vista (32-b)

* GUI 
The application software contains a graphical user interface (GUI). This software controls one programming adapter (USB-FPA FlashPro or GangPro) connected to up to six target devices. The software allows to erase, blank check, program and verify memory flash in target device(s). All or part of the flash memory can be erased, programmed and verified. Serialization can be automatically generated and saved in the flash memory. The script file option allows you to create custom defined programming sequences.

The Multi-FPA API DLL can control up to sixteen programming adapters (USB-FPA). When used with the GangPro adapters, up to 96 target devices can be programmed simultaneously using Multi-FPA API-DLL. Users= application software, written in languages such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW, can utilize the Multi-FPA API-DLL to interface with programming adapters.

* Programmable Voltage Level
During the programming process target devices can be powered by programming adapters or by an external power supply. When target devices are powered by programming adapters then the voltage level can be set between 1.8V and 3.6V in increments of 0.1V. Total current load from one adapter is up to 200 mA (up to 30 mA per target device if up to six target devices are connected to one gang programming adapter). If this current is not sufficient, then an external power supply should be used to power target devices.

* Self Test Program
The software package contains a Self Test program, that allows users to test functionality of a flash programming adapter,  target device(s) and connections between these units. Test  results are printed out to the screen, and list DLL functions that were used to obtain each test result. This printout is useful to find out the source of the problems.

* Easy Panel Programming
With the aid of a test bench and the Gang Programmers, large boards can easily be programmed with minimal setup overhead.  Users can connect up to 384 target devices in one panel to be programmed simultaneously using up to 64 Gang Programming Adapters.  Since the Gang Programmers are connected to the test bench nails, and to the devices via nails and test points on the boards, many boards can be programmed without changing the test bench, or any programmer connections. 

Contact Information

Elprotronic Inc.

16 Crossroads Drive
Richmond Hill, ON, L4E5C9

tele: (905) 780-5789
fax: (905) 780-2414

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