DRA75x/TDA2x Surround View EVM Kit with 5 Cameras

Development with the Texas Instruments DRA75x/TDA2x processor just got easier with the DRA75x/TDA2x Surround View EVM kit from Spectrum Digital. This kit provides a complete enclosed EVM with attachments for 5 cameras (4 fish eye lenses and 1 regular lens). The enclosed EVM has the following interfaces and peripherals:

  • Enclosed hardware (CPU and video card)
  • CPU – DRA75x: eMMc – 8Gbytes; QSPI – 32Mbytes; DDR3L – 2Gbytes (1G per EMIF); 5 camera interfaces
  • 2 Status LEDs (user control)
  • 1 Power LED
  • 1 USB 2.0 interface
  • 1 USB 3.0 interface
  • 1 Ethernet interface (10/100/1000Mbit)
  • 1 HDMI Out interface
  • 1 Console interface (USB UART)
  • 1 Power in connector
  • 5 Cameras, 4 fish eye, 1 normal
  • 5 Camera cables
  • 1 Power adapter cable
  • 1 JTAG Emulator Adapter

The DRA75x/TDA2x Surround View EVM kit is compatible with JTAG Emulators from Spectrum Digital and Code Composer Studio Ver 6.x+ from TI.

This kit is also compatible with the Texas Instruments Vision SDK, VISION_SDK_02_08_00_00

The Vision SDK only available through TI CDDS. Spectrum Digital supplies patches to the TI SW base for the final product

In addition the kit is compatible with DRA7xx Generic Linux Software Development Kit (GLSDK)

This kit comes with 5 fully enclosed cameras with built in serializers and mounting brackets. Four of the cameras have fish eye lenses for surround view applications. These cameras are connected to the EVM kit via 60 in/1.5 meter PE38746Z-60 cables.

The kit also includes a JTAG connector adapter for the users want to access the processor on a native code development level for debug via a JTAG emulator.

The unit is powered via 12-24VDC. A power adapter cable is provided so that a customer provided power supply can be easily used.

Pricing and Availability

Part #





DRA75x/TDA2x Surround View EVM Kit with 5 Cameras

$ 2,299.00


Enclosed FPD-Link III Serializer Kit

$    149.00


Enclosed FPD-Link III Serializer Kit, (Fish eye lens)

$    249.00

Available: Introductory orders are being taken in May 2016

Where To Order: The DRA75x/TDA2x Surround View EVM Kit with 5 Cameras is available from Spectrum Digital, and its worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers.


About Spectrum Digital, Inc.

Spectrum Digital is the leading provider of JTAG Emulators and DSP Targets for TI Processors. For over 30 years Spectrum Digital has been providing microcontroller and DSP design solutions to customers worldwide. With a complete surface mount manufacturing facility in house, high quality, timely delivery, and competitive prices are assured.

Additional information:

Contact Information

Spectrum Digital

12502 Exchange Drive
Suite 440
Stafford, TX, 77477

tele: 281.494.4500 x113
fax: 281.494.5310

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