Intelligent Wi-Fi Solutions for TI WiLink™ 6, 7, and 8 Deliver Unmatched Flexibility

Integrated Wi-Fi Software, Packet Sniffers, and Modules

Organizations are looking for 802.11 and Bluetooth solutions that deliver robust connectivity, tight security, and unmatched flexibility. Intelligraphics Inc., the industry leader in intelligent fast-roaming solutions and development services, offers an integrated Wi-Fi portfolio that provides what enterprises and agencies need to help achieve their wireless mobility goals today and beyond. Intelligraphics fast, seamless Wi-Fi roaming solutions for TI WiLink™ 6, 7, and 8 chipsets Wi-Fi chipsets (TI WL127x/WL128x/WL18xx) allow customers to see more and do more, while helping to keep wireless connections protected.
IGX Intelligent Roaming provides advanced wireless features that are not available in other solutions. It uniquely delivers a seamless end-user experience through innovative optimizations that reduce the time needed for access point (AP) reconnection to less than 100 milliseconds. By quickly selecting the optimal AP, wireless reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) are greatly improved because applications do not sense a network drop.

The IGX Bloodhound packet sniffer/injector provides the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit that law enforcement, mission critical, and IT departments need to analyze and categorize Wi-Fi traffic. IGX Bloodhound enables W-Fi beaconing applications, which are ideal for indoor spaces that can block cell signals and make it nearly impossible to locate devices via GPS. Because of their low cost and power efficiency, beacons are also optimal for outdoor use, particularly in settings without sufficient Wi-Fi coverage. By leveraging the power of IGX beaconing technology, customers can improve mobile device analytics collection, boost efficiencies, and improve security.

Intelligent Wi-Fi Solutions for TI WiLink™ include:

  • Customized, source code-level Wi-Fi device driver development
  • Integrated, intelligent roaming hardware modules
  • Wi-Fi packet sniffing, injection, and monitoring
  • Advanced wireless features including 802.11e, 802.11i, and 802.11h
  • Implementation of 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11s, and 802.11v
  • Enhanced roaming for pico-cell environments
  • U.S. Government Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) support
  • Security protocols including WPA, WPA2,802.1x, and EAP TTLS
  • Cisco CCX support and pre-certification testing
  • Wi-Fi Alliance pre-certification development
  • Antenna diversity and coexistence
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • API interface to configure sniffer/injector operations
  • Packets recorded with RadioTap header support (in .pcap format)
  • Full-featured 802.11 Wi-Fi packet injection support and BT coexistence
  • Zero back-off packet injection

Solutions from Intelligraphics can help accelerate operational efficiencies and improve return on investment (ROI) in a wide variety of markets and local-area wireless use cases:

  • Industrial – M2M, asset tracking, mobile robotics and data acquisition, mobile printing
  • Medical – mobile devices including infusion pumps, X-ray, and ultra-sound machines
  • Warehousing and logistics – wearable and mobile devices for asset tracking, pick/put-away
  • Enterprise – mesh networking, access points, wireless VoIP
  • IoT, retail, and consumer – wearables, smart appliances and devices, beaconing
  • Government and security – packet sniffing/injection, network characterization
  • Financial and trading – mobile floor trading devices
  • Transportation – security/tracking, inter-train, intra-train, and train-station communication

About Intelligraphics, Inc.
Intelligraphics, an industry leader in advanced wireless and intelligent roaming solutions, helps enterprises realize the most value from their mobility-enabled infrastructure. A member of the Wi-Fi Alliance and a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, Intelligraphics delivers a diverse portfolio of fast roaming solutions that include optimized wireless drivers and integrated chipset modules.

Take your Wi-Fi-enabled and Internet of Things (IoT) applications farther and faster, visit:

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