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USB-3003 Standard

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Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI) USB-3000™ Device is the perfect combination of the AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip with a USB interface. Simply connect the USB-3000™ to a Windows based PC’s USB interface and get direct access to DVSI’s AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip. This connection allows users to configure vocoder rate and options, as well as, encode and decode files, or process real time speech. Since the USB-3000™ is built using the AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip, all of the features and benefits of DVSI’s patented AMBE Vocoder technology are now available through a USB connection. The AMBE voice compression technology has been thoroughly evaluated and tested under various conditions. It has been implemented and field proven by a wide variety of manufacturers around the world. The true value of the AMBE vocoder is in providing a 2-3x improvement in channel capacity while maintaining a high performance level. It has been proven in critical applications such as digital mobile radio, satellite communication systems and in other wireless communication devices. The success of this vocoder technology has resulted in it being chosen for many mobile radio programs, including DMR, dPMR, and NXDN.

The flexibility of the USB-3000™ comes from the embedded AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip that can operate at virtually any data rate from 2000 bps to 9600 bps. This variety of speech and/or FEC rates permits vocoder optimization within system requirements that leads to excellent voice quality with superior robustness to bit errors and acoustic background noise. The USB-3000™ can also prove itself as a comprehensive, evaluation, test and development platform.

The heart of USB-3000™ is the AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip that incorporates DVSI’s patented AMBE+2™ Voice Compression technology. The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip is configured so that all speech and channel data to/from the USB- 3000™ is formatted into packets. In this packet mode the USB-3000™ sends a packet in response to every packet received. With the inclusion of the USB interface the USB-3000™ allows users to connect to a Windows based PC, to transmit/receive speech and compressed data packets, as well as, configure vocoder options and monitor vocoder status information.

USB-3000_webThe USB-3000™ is available off the shelf and requires no up-front licensing fees or royalties. The USB-3000™ can be a low cost alternative to a fully customized implementation of the AMBE-3000™ vocoder chip. Original equipment manufacturers can efficiently design the USB-3000™ into an affordable high performance low-bit-rate communication system without the risks and high development cost associated with a DSP implementation or customized hardware. This makes the USB-3000™ ideal component in the production of low-volume commercial and military applications (including Digital Mobile Radio) that are cost effective to design and inexpensive to operate.


  • Uses latest AMBE+2 vocoder technology
  • Compatible with DMR, dPMR, and NXDN mobile radio equipment.
  • low-cost license alternative
  • available off-the-shelf
  • low data rate, high-quality voice performance

Currently in production – available now

Communications & Telecom, Military, Security, Wireless


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