Does Your Project Have a Force Multiplier?

STAFFORD, TX. (July 14, 2017) – A Force Multiplier is a tool that helps you amplify your effort to produce more output. A JTAG emulator from Spectrum Digital is a Force Multiplier. The need for a JTAG Emulator will come up in every project with a processor produced by Texas Instruments. This one unique multi-tool will amplify your efforts through the entire development, test, and production phase of your electronic project. In addition it can be used once products are deployed in the field to do maintenance and firmware updates.

To get the greatest effort force multiplier consider the following items when chosing a JTAG emulator for your current needs and future projects:

  • Performance: download speed – what is the code footprint size
    Productivity – How much time will be wasted on slow downloads i.e. how much is your time worth ?
  • Price: Budget($$) vs. Productivity vs. Number of emulators required
  • Enclosure: Open circuitry(safety consideration) vs. protected circuitry
  • How is it going to be used: Processor/Hardware/Software Evaluation, Hardware/Software Debug, Production Test, Flash Programming
  • Processors Supported: Current Processors, Future Processors, Old/Legacy Processors
  • Host PC Operating System Compatibility: Win XP/2000, Win 7/8/10, Linux
  • Host PC Interface: Parallel port, USB, Ethernet, Multiple emulators per PC, remote debug or access
  • Special Needs: Circuit protection, Trace capability, Power measurement
  • Software Supported: Debugger (Code Composer/Studio), Flash Programming (SDFlash, UniFlash), Scripting (DSS) for automated testing
  • Technical Support: Experience, Knowledge, Availability, On-line help

As one can see the correct choice now can save you money in the future thereby multiplying the investment made. A point solution now on a development emulator may not meet the needs of production test, field upgrades, or even future projects.

    Let us help you by answering questions regarding JTAG emulators. Visit our emulator page at:

    Do you still have more questions? Call us at 1.281.494.4500 x-113 or email us at

    Where To Order: In the United States and Canada the emulators can be ordered on line at or worldwide through our network of authorized distributors and resellers.

    About Spectrum Digital, Inc.

    Spectrum Digital is the leading provider of JTAG Emulators and DSP Targets for TI Processors. For over 31 years Spectrum Digital has been providing microcontroller and DSP design solutions to customers worldwide. With a complete surface mount manufacturing facility in house, high quality, timely delivery, and competitive prices are assured.

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    tele: 281.494.4500 x113
    fax: 281.494.5310

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