Intelligraphics Announces Enhanced Device Driver and Firmware Codebases For Advanced Roaming, Enterprise Security and CCXv4/v5 Extensions

Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience, Intelligraphics now provides enhanced device driver and firmware code bases for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms along with integrated module software solutions with a volume and license-based business model.

Intelligent, Advanced Roaming

Organizations and businesses today rely on a wide range of data-driven insights for proactive decision-making. Acting on data in a timely fashion first requires that all assets, including wireless devices, maintain real-time connectivity to the organization’s IT backplane. However, most 802.11-based Wi-Fi chipsets provide baseline device drivers that do not deliver the performance needed to ensure persistent links to access points (APs) as the asset moves through a facility, open-air staging area, or transportation hub.

Advanced Roaming from Intelligraphics solves the connection challenge by accelerating Wi-Fi chipset AP connection speeds, which results in significant enhancements to mobile asset uptime and availability. With Advanced Roaming, you can wirelessly and securely connect your mobile devices using an infrastructure-agnostic, scalable solution. Track, manage, and analyze the state of critical assets in real-time so you can make smarter decisions faster, continuously improve efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector

Analysts, agencies, and security experts are all in agreement that threats to public safety, critical infrastructure, and data will rapidly escalate. The widespread proliferation of IoT and other wireless devices create enormous numbers of vectors and entry points for malicious activities including keylogging, malware, DDoS, IP spoofing, man-in-the middle (MiTM), and other attacks.

Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector allows users to passively listen, inject, and record packet information exchanged within a targeted Wi-Fi channel. It features a single Wi-Fi driver that can either act as a Wi-Fi sniffer for big data traffic collection, surveillance, or as a regular Wi-Fi driver. Organizations can use Bloodhound to target and proactively surveil Wi-Fi communications in real-time, more effectively identify and evaluate threats, help improve public safety, and protect critical infrastructure.

Enterprise Security Suite

Securing critical infrastructure including manufacturing, transportation, medical and industrial is not only essential—it’s also extremely challenging. While it’s clear that Wi-Fi IoT devices allow organizations to operate more efficiently and reduce costs, not enough consideration is given over their potential security risk. The solution is to ensure that the IoT devices you are deploying contain strong Wi-Fi (AES/WEP) and internet-level Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, along with all the other supported standards including the variations of EAP-FAST, PEAP, and LEAP.

Enterprise Security Suite from Intelligraphics provides a robust set of security provisions that leverages the strength of all the existing security standards plus EAP-TLS capabilities including encrypted password generation, authentication, and client/server handshake. Wi-Fi security keys are generated at runtime based on a handshake process between the server and the IoT device. It leverages public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates, which provides a secure and well-known way to authenticate and authorize users for network access. Passwords are not stored in the IoT device and are randomly generated during connection to the Wi-Fi infrastructure, providing a way for organizations to quarantine unsecure or infected devices from their network.

CCXv4/v5 Extensions

802.11-based wireless devices contain radios that must provide secure and reliable connectivity. IEEE and industry standards define how a Wi-Fi radio operates with a wireless LAN infrastructure, and the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ seal ensures interoperability. For many devices, however, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is not enough. These devices need to operate with a Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure and support Cisco wireless LAN innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management.

The CCX specification is a superset of the one used for Wi-Fi certification. Medical, mission critical, and industrial-grade devices requiring extra security are tested for CCX version 4 (CCXv4), and now the new CCXv5 standard. However, not all Wi-Fi chipsets ship with baseline driver and firmware that supports CCX by default. Meeting this challenge, Intelligraphics has developed IP that allows us to deliver CCX support and also pre-certify your product, saving you time and effort.

Today’s rapidly expanding enterprise mobility, robotics, transportation, medical, and security markets along with the exponential growth of IoT calls for wireless solutions that stay connected, anytime, anywhere, while meeting critical industry standards like CCX and other certifications. Our development team specializes in creating optimized wireless software and IP so that Wi-Fi device manufacturers can deliver the most performance, reliability, and flexibility to their end-customers. By harnessing the power of Intelligraphics’ software solutions, customers can realize higher efficiencies, reduce development expenses, and achieve faster return on value.

About Intelligraphics, Inc.
Intelligraphics, an industry leader in intelligent Wi-Fi advanced roaming solutions, helps enterprises realize the most value from their mission-critical wireless devices. A member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a charter member of the Qualcomm® Authorized Design Center (ADC) program, and a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, Intelligraphics delivers a diverse portfolio of software solutions that include enhanced and customized wireless drivers, firmware, and licensed IP.

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