Austin, Texas (September 19, 2017) – Octavo Systems LLC (Octavo) announced the production release and immediate availability of its highly anticipated OSD335x-SM System-In-Package (SiP) device. The OSD335x-SM, like the entire OSD335x family, integrates the Texas Instruments (TI) Sitara™ AM335x processor with an ARM® Cortex®-A8 core running at 1GHz, DDR3 memory, a TPS65217C power management IC (PMIC), a TL5209 low-dropout (LDO) regulator, and passive components into a single wide pitch (1.27mm) BGA package. The OSD335x-SM enhances this integration by adding EEPROM as well and reducing the package size by 40%.

The OSD335x-SM comes in a 21mm x 21mm (0.83in x 0.83in) 256 Ball wide pitch (1.27mm) BGA. Occupying 441 square millimeters, the OSD335x-SM uses 60% less space than the equivalent system designed with discrete components. It is the smallest AM335x processor-based module on the market today that still allows complete access to all the AM335x device I/Os including the PRUs.

“The OSD335x-SM was built to allow system designers to quickly create the smallest possible ARM Cortex®-A8 system and then easily transition into production,” says Bill Heye, President of Octavo Systems. “By removing the need for DDR routing, power sequencing, complex supply chains and larger PCBs, the OSD335x-SM provides value across the entire life cycle of a design. We are excited to finally release it to the market and we can’t wait to see the innovative ways people leverage this technology.”

The first 21mm device in the family, the OSD3358-512M-BSM, can be purchased today through Octavo’s distribution partners, Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics.

The OSD3358-SM-RED Platform

Along with the release of the OSD3358-512M-BSM SiP, Octavo also announced the availability of the OSD3358-SM-RED platform. The OSD3358-SM-RED platform is the official Reference, Evaluation, and Development platform for the OSD335x-SM SiP family.

The design has the OSD3358-512M-BSM System-In-Package at its core. It showcases many of the peripherals of the OSD335x-SM including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 5 USB 2.0 ports (1 microUSB client port and a 4 port USB hub), microHDMI, and two 46 pin expansion headers that are compatible with many existing expansion boards. In addition, the OSD3358-SM-RED has a 16GB eMMC on board and a microSD card interface. The board also includes some useful real-world sensors: a 9-axis IMU that provides acceleration, gyroscope and magnetometer data; a barometer to provide altitude; and a multi-channel temperature sensor.

The OSD3358-SM-RED comes complete with a preinstalled version of Debian Linux. It includes drivers for all the sensors and peripherals as well as demo applications that show off the functionality of the platform. All the OSD3358-SM-RED design files (schematics and layout) as well as the demo application source code are completely open sourced and available on the Octavo Systems website.

Erik Welsh, Applications Manager for Octavo, explains that, “the OSD3358-SM-RED was designed to let people quickly start evaluating and developing with the OSD335x-SM family of SiPs. Once they feel comfortable with the OSD335x-SM, the design files and source code serve as a known good reference for designers to start their own custom system. It really is the easiest way to begin a development with the OSD335x-SM.”

Finally, to support the growing concern for security the OSD3358-SM-RED platform also includes a TPM and a NOR Flash for people that are interested in experimenting with different security options.

The OSD3358-SM-RED platform is available today for pre-order directly from the Octavo Systems website as well as their distribution partners, Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics. The suggested retail price for the OSD3358-SM-RED is $199.

Contact Information

Octavo Systems LLC

506 W 14th Street
Austin, TX, 78701

tele: (512)861-3400
fax: (512)861-3400

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