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When Do I Need a New JTAG Emulator?

STAFFORD, TX. (September 29, 2017) – You’ve completed a design project with a Texas Instruments processor and now you are on to another project with a TI processor.

Can you use the same JTAG Emulator ? i.e. Do I need to buy on another emulator ($$$) ?

The answer is: it depends. What does it depend on?

a: the type of the new processor

You may be moving from one type of processor to another which requires different capabilities. The new processor may use CJTAG or an ARM header. If your current emulator doesn’t support CJTAG the solution is to purchase another emulator which does support CJTAG. If a standard ARM header is required then an adapter may be the solution.

b. the JTAG header selected on the new board layout

Your new board may have space requirements meaning a smaller header is required. In this case the solution is an adapter to convert the pinnings of the old JTAG Emulator to the header in the new board. Spectrum Digital has over 20 different types of adapters to help you.

c. the capability needed for the new JTAG Emulation

You may be moving from a mircontroller to a multicore device. This means the amount of code you will be downloading will be much larger. The old emulator may have worked well for the small code foot print in the microcontroller but when there is a lot of code you need better download speeds. You may want to upgrade to another higher performing emulator.

If your new processor is a new low power microcontroller you may want power monitoring capability. It may require a new emulator since the old emulator didn’t have the capability.

If you have a high end multicore device you may need trace capability to tune the code and system performance. Here again a new emulator may be required.

Spectrum Digital offers a large variety of emulators and adapters to fit all of your JTAG Emulator requirements. All Spectrum Digital emulators are compatible with Code Composer Studio IDETM from Texas Instruments. Consider the following when selecting an emulator:

Enclosure electonics
Host PC Operating System Compatibity
Special Needs
Software Supported
Technical Support

Let us help you by answering questions regarding JTAG emulators and adapters. Visit our emulator page at:

Do you still have more questions? Call us at 1.281.494.4500 x-113 or email us at

Where To Order: In the United States and Canada the emulators can be ordered on line at or worldwide through our network of authorized distributors and resellers.

About Spectrum Digital, Inc.
Spectrum Digital is the leading provider of JTAG Emulators and DSP Targets for TI Processors. For over 31 years Spectrum Digital has been providing microcontroller and DSP design solutions to customers worldwide. With a complete surface mount manufacturing facility in house, high quality, timely delivery, and competitive prices are assured.

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