• Industrial Control Systems Security

    Industrial Control Systems Security

    "Preparing for Cyber Security Incidents"
    Published. September 26, 2017

    This blog post was written by ICS515 instructor,Kai Thomsen. Talk with any incident responder and you'll learn that there are a few less glamorous parts of the job. Writing the final report and preparation in advance to an incident are probably top contenders. In this article I want to focus on preparation and explain to … Continue reading Preparing for Cyber Security Incidents...

  • Cyber Defense

    Cyber Defense

    "Q & A with Eric Conrad, SEC530 Co-Author"
    Published. July 5, 2018

    Meet Eric Conrad. SANS Faculty Fellow Eric Conrad is the lead author of SANS MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification, and co-author ofSEC530: Defensible Security Architecture,SEC511: Continuous Monitoring and Security Operationsand SEC542: Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.He is also the lead author of the CISSP Study Guide Book, and theEleventh Hour CISSP: … Continue reading Q & A with Eric Conrad, SEC530 Co-Author...

  • Krebs on Security

    Krebs on Security

    ‘LuminosityLink RAT’ Author Pleads Guilty
    Published. July 16, 2018

    A 21-year-old Kentucky man has pleaded guilty to authoring and distributing a popular hacking tool called "LuminosityLink," a malware strain that security experts say was used by thousands of customers to gain unauthorized access to tens of thousands of computers across 78 countries worldwide....

  • Linux and Open Source

    Linux and Open Source

    IBM's new Nabla containers are designed for security first
    Published. July 16, 2018

    IBM claims its new container design is more secure than Docker or other containers by cutting operating system calls to the bare minimum and thereby reducing its attack surface as small as possible....

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Comment on Designing a building security system with the Sub-1 GHz sensor-to-cloud reference design
    Published. July 14, 2018

    We purchased the Sub-GHz SimpliLink dev kit but I don't see where we can purchase the actual glass break/ door-window / smoke sensors as specifically mentioned in the example text: "The Sub-1 GHz sensor-to-cloud reference design scales to many different applications. For instance, imagine designing a building security system including smoke detectors, motion detectors, door & window sensors, and glass-break detectors covering a whole building" -- can anyone point me to where I can purchase...

  • Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Securing IoT Device-to-Cloud Communications
    Published. July 13, 2018

    According to IDC, global public cloud spending is expected to exceed $203 billion by 2020. As enterprises make the transition to digital, they perceive the cloud as an enabler of modernization and provider of competitive advantages such as cost savings, scalability, and agility....

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft offers Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 users a new way to extend support for free
    Published. July 12, 2018

    With end of support looming for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, Microsoft has a new option for those users to keep getting security updates: By moving workloads to Azure....

  • Tech Design Forums Blog

    Tech Design Forums Blog

    Holistic verification change needed for self-driving cars
    Published. June 19, 2018

    Verification of the coming generation of highly autonomous vehicles needs says Peter Davies, director of security concepts at Thales....

  • Open Source Initiative blogs

    Open Source Initiative blogs

    San Francisco Open Source Voting Update for May, 2018
    Published. May 6, 2018

    This update was provided by Chris Jerdonek (@cjerdonek) and has an important and urgent call to action to help defend elections in California: This Sunday, May 6 at 2pm in San Francisco's Mission District, an open source voting "campaign kick-off" event is happening with many city and state leaders speaking in support. Can you spare some time to help? I. Campaign Kick-off Event! Confirmed speakers include State Assemblymember David Chiu, State Senator Scott Wiener, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin...

  • Verification Horizons Blog

    Verification Horizons Blog

    Accellera Proposes a New Working Group
    Published. April 6, 2018

    Accellera to explore the need for an IP Security Assurance Standard In the era of SoC design where major design intellectual property (IP) blocks come from multiple sources and are combined to create an SoC or major block to be incorporated into yet another SoC, how can one test such systems to ensure they are […]...

  • Denali Memory Blog

    Denali Memory Blog

    NVMe Express 1.3: Addressing the Storage Needs of the Data Revolution from Enterprise to Client
    Published. April 2, 2018

    The amount of data we are generating and consuming has exploded in recent years.   Social media, applications, multimedia streaming, 24-hour connectivity has us talking about Zettabytes of data in the data center that folks want to not only store, but analyze and access rapidly. SSDs were great to address mechanical inefficiencies of HDD.  However, the constraints of the SCSI protocol still meant that you can only address needs one at a time since there is only one queue in which to...

  • Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    EEVblog #1048 – Ledger Nano S Crypto Hardware Wallet
    Published. December 31, 2017

    A review and teardown of the Ledger Nano S crypto currency hardware wallet. Installation, setup, and transferring bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ripple. And a comparison with the Trezor, which one is better? Buy them HERE Secure chip HERE Verify your Ledger Nano S hardware HERE Forum HERE...

  • Gabe On EDA

    Gabe On EDA

    ARM TechCon Report on IoT, Automotive, and Security
    Published. November 1, 2017

    ARM TechCon Report on IoT, Automotive, and Security Gabe Moretti Wed, 11/01/2017 - 07:58...

  • Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    What’s the craic on KRACK?
    Published. October 19, 2017

    For those who are not familiar with the Irish slang, read this. We got another fun named vulnerability this week that goes after WPA2 encryption, something that is ubiquitous but not impenetrable. Key Reinstallation Attacks, or KRACK for short, exposes a weakness in the WPA2 protocol. It’s an attack on the protocol itself, so anything […]...


    Disk, SSD, NVMe preparation tools cleaned up and on GitHub
    Published. September 14, 2017

    These are a collection of (MIT licensed) tools I’ve been working on for years to automate some of the major functionality one needs when setting up/using new machines with lots of disks/SSD/NVMe. The repo is here: . I will be adding some sas secure erase and formatting tools into this. These tools wrap other […]...

  • Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    How to Get to a Trillion Devices in the Internet of Things in 2035
    Published. September 12, 2017

    Next month at Arm TechCon, one of the key discussion topics with be the internet of things (IoT), especially after Masayoshi Son, Arm's "parent" Softbank’s CEO, took the stage last year and boldly predicted that “more important, in the next 20 years, we will see 1 trillion internet of things devices.” So that means 1 trillion devices in 2035. That’s not too far in the future! Are we on the right track? Well, let’s first clearly identify the target and put it in perspective....

  • Functional Verification Blog

    Functional Verification Blog

    Sign Up For Free Verification Sessions -- Only A Few Days Left
    Published. July 19, 2010

    Mark your calendar and sign up for the two upcoming free verification sessions sponsored by Cadence. Space is limited. So, please sign up today! JULY 21 st All-Day, Hands-on technical workshop in Irvine, CA Topic: Advanced Verification Techniques using e /SV Workshop Learn how to architect an advanced testbench using OVM/UVM that contains generation, coverage and checking and much, much more..... This workshop will focus on introducing attendees to advanced verification techniques using the latest...

  • Electrical Engineers  Talk Tech

    Electrical Engineers Talk Tech

    Does Secure Erase Actually Work?
    Published. July 18, 2016

    Chris A. Ciufo, Editor, Embedded Systems Engineering In this Part 2 of 2, I examine the subject of using the flash manufacturer’s secure erase feature—since so many DoD documents recommend it. In Part 1 of this blog (“How Does One … Continue reading →...

  • Rands In Repose

    Rands In Repose

    Turn on 2FA before it’s too late
    Published. July 17, 2016

    Two-factor authentication (“2FA”) is intended as another layer of security to your online accounts, so if your password is hacked, your account can’t be accessed without a special code. While I clearly understand the value, I’ve been lazy about enabling on various services since… it’s a hassle. I’ve only enabled it when I’ve been required… More#...

  • John Day

    John Day

    V2X-Enhanced GNSS Improves Vehicle Positioning Reliability
    Published. May 22, 2016

    Another step toward semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles. STMicroelectronics and Israel-based V2X developer Autotalks, have fused GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology and V2X ranging. The firms say their V2X-Enhanced GNSS ensures authenticated and secure vehicle localization for extreme accuracy and reliability of positioning information, especially in urban canyons, tunnels, and parking structures where accurate absolute […]...

  • Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Mathematics and Cryptography
    Published. December 14, 2015

    The mathematics of number theory and elliptic curves can take a life time to learn because they are very deep subjects.  As engineers we don't have time to earn PhD's in math along with all the things we have to learn just to make communications systems work.  However, a little learning can go a long way to helping make our communications systems secure - we don't need to know......

  • EDA Blog

    EDA Blog

    Flower Technology and EnSilica collaborate on ASIC mining solutions for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
    Published. April 17, 2014

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are based on scrypt hashing algorithms (Lifecoin, Auroracoin, Dogecoin, and Mastercoin) are on the rise. Scrypt-based cryptocurrency ASIC mining solution start-up Flower Technologies and eSi-RISC soft processor core and encryption and peripherals company EnSilica have partnered to develop the Orchid, which boasts high hashing speed, energy efficiency, and price/performance for […]...

  • Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    More Android malware FUD is the only thing that is sprouting
    Published. August 8, 2012

    Yesterday, ZDNet's Rachel King picked up a malware story from security vendor Webroot. Now questions have arisen about the accuracy of the article, and the tactics and credibility of the vendor....

  • Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Fujitsu adds Intel Broadwell processors to new enterprise tablets, laptops
    Published. January 28, 2015

    The mobile devices include a pair of Ultrabooks and feature optional palm-based biometric security features....

  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Blog

    How many embedded devices are you using each day?
    Published. October 20, 2011

    We all use embedded devices throughout the day without thinking about how many ‘smart’ systems are around us, from the in-car entertainment system, digital photo frame, home automation/security, digital signage, medical systems and more… When you start counting the number of devices you actually use each day the total number can be quite surprising! - Mike...

  • CCIE Journey

    CCIE Journey

    CCIE Security v4 Advanced Technology Class over @ INE Started today
    Published. September 25, 2013

    If you are prepping for the lab this is something I am sure you are going to want to catch. Starting tomorrow, September 24th 2013 at 10:00 PDT (17:00 GMT), I will begin the running the new CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class for the newest version 4.0 blueprint. Online streaming of tomorrow’s class is free […]...

  • John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    Webcast: The New 'Standard' in Embedded: Windows 7 Componentized for Devices
    Published. June 29, 2010

      Hey Campers – Join me Tomorrow at 10AM PDT as I present a webcast on Windows Embedded Standard 7. we’ll go into the features we’ve included with this release that help you create an immersive device, and make it reliable, and secure. Should be...(read more)...

  • FPGA Blog

    FPGA Blog

    Connectivity kit for high-performance applications enables accelerated productivity
    Published. February 13, 2014

    Xilinx, Inc. has announced its new 40 Gbps platform Virtex-7 FPGA VC709 Connectivity Kit. This kit enables designers to streamline productivity for high-bandwidth/performance applications, such as high frequency trading appliances, network interface cards for security, and network monitoring. Read more Connectivity kit for high-performance applications enables accelerated productivityTwitter @fpgablog : : Free Publications : : […]...

  • Joel on Software

    Joel on Software

    Free as in Fortune Cookies
    Published. January 28, 2015

    Trello has been out for less than two years and it’s been growing like wildfire. We recently hit 1.5 million members, of whom about 1/3 perform some action every month, and our MongoDB database now contains more than 70 million cards on 3.7 million boards. So the obvious question I get all the time is, “How exactly are you supposed to make money with that?” You may have noticed that Trello is free. Not “free trial,” not “freemium,” but just plain old free. Some people have justifiably...

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