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Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).
Samsung Galaxy Gear Teardown
GPGPU-based HPEC Solves Toughest Mil/Aero ISR Problems
Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores

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  • A 3-Tier Approach to IoT Security

    To ensure the functionality of an IOT system, software designers should consider a 3-tiered stack of controls, where the lowest level ensures the integrity of the next.

  • Issues with Diameter Signaling Constrain the 4G/LTE Network

    4G/LTE subscription numbers are exploding. Earlier this year, Everything Everywhere (EE) announced that its 4G subscriber numbers had hit two million, and with network access being

  • Embedded Design Options for USB Flash Drive Support

    Embedded systems that support the use of removable USB flash drives have several host controller implementation, operating system and middleware options. The removable USB flash

  • GPGPU-based HPEC Solves Toughest Mil/Aero ISR Problems

    GPGPU computing in deployed HPEC systems brings mobile supercomputing to the battlefield in small packages.

  • Linux and Low-Power in Automotive IVI

    The automotive industry's activities for Linux and low-power technologies may seem to be independent topics; in practice, however, these two topics are deeply connected. Operating

  • Multicore Comes of Age

    The move to multicore is now well on its way, in applications from smartphones to networking equipment, and the door is even cracking open for safety-critical applications.

  • Q&A with Michael Barr, EE Live! Keynote Speaker

    An inside look at security, software education and open source in embedded systems. Disclosure: I have been but am now an “on-hiatus” associate of the Barr Group, having done

  • Digital Signage Disrupted

    New technologies, including Android, Power-over-Ethernet and HTML 5 are driving exciting new opportunities for digital signage applications.

  • Smarter Ways to Embrace the Internet of Things

    Business benefits have been constrained by the complexity of producing real-world applications, but this will change once operators and device manufacturers are freed to focus on their value-add.

  • Build or Customize an Open Source Software Toolchain?

    While significant effort is put into designing custom hardware architecture, it is equally important that developers have a highly complementary toolchain that leverages the unique properties and capabilities of the end device.

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  • ARM System on Module

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux Supported Architectures: ARM Made in the USA; the SoM-9X25 is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9X25 processor. This ARM9 core processor provides Dual

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