SYSGO launches ELinOS 6.2 with PowerPC 64 and Security Services

SYSGO has launched version 6.2 of its Linux operating system – ELinOS – which is optimised for embedded applications. The new version is based on Linux kernel 4.9 with long-term support and real-time upgrades, and now supports Yocto Linux project kernels via a “generic platform BSP” too. ELinOS Security Services also help to close security loopholes quickly.

As with previous versions, to ensure long-term support and maximum security, the new version of ELinOS is modelled on the Debian distribution. ELinOS 6.2 is based on the current stable release, Debian 9 (“stretch”). The toolchain has also been updated accordingly, to QEMU 2.4, GCC 6.3 and LTTng 2.7. GLIBC is now available in version 2.24; ELinOS 6.2 does not support EGLIBC, which has been discontinued.

A further component of ELinOS 6.2 is the latest version of CODEO (6.2), SYSGO’s graphical development environment, which is based on Eclipse, supports C/C++ and Java, and was launched with version 4.2 of PikeOS, SYSGO’s real-time operating system. ELinOS 6.2 is compatible with all 4.x versions of PikeOS and can also run there directly as a guest operating system.

The hardware support offered by ELinOS has also been expanded. PowerPC 64-bit architecture (PPC e5500) is now also supported and there are Board Support Packages (BSP) for all relevant hardware platforms based on x86, x86-64, PPC e500 and e500mc, PPC60x, ARM v5le, v7hf and v8 (64-bit), and hardware-virtualised boards. The new Generic BSP Tool also enables other board vendor kernels for a broader BSP enablement. These can even be used to incorporate various external Linux kernel sources – including the Yocto project, which is popular in embedded applications – into ELinOS projects.

By using the LTS (long-term supported) Linux kernel releases, SYSGO also supports long-term embedded development cycles. Via the ELinOS Security Services, any security attacks seen can be found and closed quickly. Moreover, SYSGO’s licence manifest enables project developers to create an automatic list of all the packages and open source licences they are using in their project.

SYSGO has been offering operating systems and services for embedded systems since 1991 and with ELinOS it is a pioneer in the use of Linux in the embedded market. For applications where security is critical, the company has been offering Hypervisor PikeOS since 2005, which is now the world’s first SIL 4 certified operating system for multicore processors and the foundation for intelligent devices in the Internet of Things. SYSGO is the leading European operating system manufacturer and supports customers like Samsung, Airbus, Thales and Continental in the formal certification of software according to international standards for functional security and IT security in markets such as aerospace and defence, industrial automation, automotive, railway engineering, medical technology and network infrastructure. SYSGO is part of the European Thales Group, has branch offices in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the UK, and maintains a worldwide sales network.
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