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  • 7 Essential Cabinet Design Considerations for Protecting 19" Electronics

    This white paper, written by Vlad Konopelko, Product Marketing Manager, North America, for Pentair’s Schroff brand, introduces seven essential mechanical structure and protection standards and design considerations for specifying a reliable 19” electronics cabinet solution for non-IT applications

  • Linux Kernel Development; How Fast it is Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It

    The kernel which forms the core of the Linux system is the result of one of the largest cooperative software projects. Regular 2-­3 month releases deliver stable updates to Linux users, each with significant new features, added device support, and improved performance. The rate of change in the kernel is high and increasing, with approximately 10,000 patches going into each recent kernel release, each containing the work of over 1000 developers representing around 200 corporations.

  • Real-Time Technology for Embedded Linux: The MontaVista Advantage

    This white paper gives the reader perspectives on requirements for and the position of real-time capabilities in Linux-based embedded systems. It examines multiple paths to reaching real-time responsiveness with the open source OS, and details key native Linux technologies and their evolution. Finally, it presents empirically-derived performance benchmarks for some of the most popular and widely-deployed embedded CPUs.

  • MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition

    Communications networks are very different from other kinds of computing applications. Networks require both very high reliability and very high performance. Not only must they process large volumes of data at high speed, but they must do so while limiting their downtime to minutes per year. Network failures can have huge economic consequences and can even result in the loss of life. Additionally, in this post-9/11 world, failure also has a national security dimension. One example is enough to illustrate the potential impact network failures can have. In 1991, a packet-switched network failed. This failure caused hundreds of millions of dollars in financial losses, knocked out air traffic control in the New York City region for over 8 hours, and disrupted 85,000 travelers.

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