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Ethernet, as the most common communication protocol on the planet, continues to spread into new markets and presents Ethernet engineers with new test challenges. Specifically, with the increasing adoption of lossless ethernet standards like FCoE and NVMf; and increases in the line-rates of ethernet from 10 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s; previously available test tools are becoming ineffective or too expensive for Ethernet product developers. Teledyne LeCroy is addressing these needs by leveraging our extensive experience in high-speed serial data analysis tools currently used by many of the same companies devleloping products for SAN, LAN, and other high-speed protocol environments.


  • 1U form-factor with rack mount kits
    The SierraNet platforms are Compact, Portable, and Light Weight. The SierraNet is currently the Smallest (1U) and lightest (9.5lbs) Hi-speed Fibre Channel and Ethernet protocol analyzer platform in the market, saving valuable real estate and rack space in customer labs and is the best portable solution for engineers on the move.
  • FlexPortTM Technology
    Eight SFP28 FlexPorts, supporting 10/25/40/100Gbps Ethernet and 16/32G Fibre Channel over optical or copper connections.
  • Advanced, multi-state triggering & filtering.
    The SierraNet family’s Advanced State Machines are easy to use and help Engineers Trigger, Filter, and Inject errors with surgical precision with up to 4 sequencers and up to 24 states per sequencer to concisely target areas of interest and save precious time.
  • Standard 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB recording buffers with Dynamic memory allocation.
    When the user can not accurately define the conditions associated with a problem and needs to capture a broad swath of traffic to identify a cause of an issue, the SierraNet can also dynamically assign up to 50% (or up to 64GB) of largest and most flexible recording memory in the industry to one port or spread the memory use across all eight ports based on the traffic profile.
  • Time-Stamp Resolution
    The SierraNet family has been enhanced with a 1ns time-stamp resolution/accuracy, setting a new industry standard for trace analysis and for timing measurements required for testing high performance SAN products, particularly where latency is a key metric of success.

  • Infusion (Jammer)
    The Teledyne LeCroy InFusion™ Error Injector and Traffic Modifier is an error injector and traffic modification tool that allows you to verify real-world fault handling for Fibre Channel systems. InFusion can sit unobtrusively in the data path on a live system to programmatically alter or corrupt traffic. InFusion is the ideal tool for stress-testing systems using actual workloads.


  • Data Rates Supported:
    • 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32GB/s Fibre Channel
    • 10/25/40/100Gbps Ethernet
  • Protocols Supported:
    • NVMf, FCoE, iSCSI, RoCE, DCBX, LLDP, FIP, ICMP, IGMP, IPV6,OSPF, UDP, TCP, IBXoE, Auto-Negotiation, Link Training and many others
  • No. of Ports Supported:
    • 8 SFP28 FlexPorts per system
  • Cascade Capability:
    • Up to 64 SFP28 FlexPorts (8 SierraNet systems)
    • Up to 16 QSFP ports (8 SierraNet systems)
  • Host Interface:
    • USB 2.0, USB3.0 and 10/100/1000baseT Ethernet
  • Front Panel Connectors:
    • 8 SFP28 FlexPorts
    • External Trigger IN/OUT
    • Front Panel Indicators
    • LEDs (Speed, Link, Status) for each TX & RX pair, Status LCD Panel, Power LED
  • Front Panel Controls:
    • Power ON/OFF, Menu Navigation and Selection Wheel
  • Rear Panel Connectors:
    • AC Power, Expansion Ports Included


The SierraNet Family of products is beneficial for data capture and protocol verification for developers & protocol test engineers in LAN, SAN, Data Center and other Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.


The SierraNet T328 is available for immediate shipment. To request a quote or product demonstration call: 800-909-7211

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toll-free: 800-909-7211

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