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  • High-speed Switched Serial Fabrics Improve System Design

    This handbook reviews the development of gigabit serial fabrics to enhance system optimization; the role of FPGAs to implement this technology; and how some of the latest products can be used in high-speed data acquisition, recording and SDR systems.

  • White Paper: Overcome the Challenges of Crafting a Customized Computer

    Mixing Standards for Solutions in COM Express Whether they're powering a map-sensor payload for a Global Hawk UAV or a man-pack radio system for a soldier on the move, custom computer solutions have to be small and lightweight. Oh, and while you're at it, make them ruggedized, constant in temperature, power efficient, and inexpensive.

  • Migrating Consumer Electronics to the Automotive World

    Tough reliability standards for electronic automotive safety systems ensure that integrated circuits (ICs) comply with demanding performance and reliability requirements. These same IC reliability verifications tools can be used to validate circuit operation for "infotainment" and "connected car" applications, and ensure that customer reliability expectations are satisfied. Download your free report to learn how to: * Leverage existing IP for use in high-reliability applications * Provide automation for manual IC verification steps in your design flow * Improve existing coverage of IC reliability verification

  • Using FPGAs to Improve Embedded Designs

    The heart of the FPGA concept is programmability. This capability provides a virtually limitless choice of possibilities to designers for implementing circuits that would otherwise require many discrete components. The result is a more capable and adaptable design, reduced PCB size, and reduced cost.

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