Connect Tech’s Xilinx based FPGA embedded computing modules offer a robust, compact platform for rapid prototyping; faster time-to-market.

Fully reconfigurable and field-programmable, Connect Tech’s maximum performance FPGA embedded computing modules save users time and money.  Based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 and Spartan-3E FPGAs, Connect Tech’s FreeForm products provide a powerful, versatile FPGA platform for design flexibility and shorter development cycles.

About FreeForm/PCI-104 (Virtex-5 FPGA)
Virtex-5 based FreeForm/PCI-104 provides high speed data communications and a powerful, versatile platform for design flexibility.  FreeForm/PCI-104 is a flexible, reconfigurable board that combines a user programmable FPGA with a 32-Bit, 33 MHz PCI-104 interface.  The advantages of PCI-104’s high bandwidth, along with the versatile Virtex-5 FPGA architecture allows users to create a high speed data interface and control solution that is uniquely suited to each individual application.

PowerPC Embedded Processor Option
Now with a PowerPC 440 embedded processor option, system developers can utilize performance enhancing features, including high-throughput 128-bit Processor Local Bus (PLB) interfaces, point-to-point connectivity, integrated DMA channels, a dedicated memory interface and an Auxiliary Processor Unit (APU) interface. To take full advantage of the PowerPC 440’s capabilities, Connect Tech offers board support packages (BSPs) for several popular embedded operating systems.

Rapid Prototyping
FreeForm/PCI-104 is ideal as an off-the-shelf solution or for anyone requiring rapid prototyping for their application.  It allows developers to test FPGA code and software on a known, working platform without the hassle of first developing and debugging their own hardware.  When prototypes are needed in a hurry, concepts can be proven quickly without breaking development budgets.

Application Areas
FreeForm FPGA embedded computing modules provide users with advantages such as a shorter time-to-market, the ability to re-program in the field and lower non-recurring engineering costs. Combating the most demanding development issues will be made easy with this robust, compact solution. FreeForm is perfect for high speed, compute-intensive, real-time applications including: DSP, avionics, industrial automation, defense systems, transportation, semiconductor, radar and radio signal monitoring. Use FreeForm when time to market is of the essence, re-programmability is a must and when speed and accuracy are critical.

Product Features
While Connect Tech continues to expand our FPGA product offerings, the following FreeForm FPGA computing modules are currently available for your critical applications.

▪Virtex-5 FPGA – Up to 5 million logic gates
▪8MB Flash for embedded code storage
▪256MB DDR2-400 memory
▪GPIO – 64 single ended or 32 LVDS pairs
▪Rocket I/O
▪2 x 10/100 Ethernet
▪2 x RS-485 serial interface
▪Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)
▪Designed for embedded processing
using MicroBlazeTM
▪PowerPC 440 embedded processor option

▪Spartan-3E FPGA – 500,000 gates
▪4 MB Flash for FPGA code storage
▪External 5V power connector for stand-alone usage
▪Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)
▪Standard and custom cores available
▪Standard core includes:

    -96 digital I/O – 8255 compatible
    -6 counter/timers – 8254 compatible
    -48 Opto-22 compatible digital I/O


* For our most current list visit our website at

All FreeForm FPGA products include FPGA reference designs and comprehensive documentation for development needs. Connect Tech also recognizes that project needs continue to change with the diverse challenges of any unique requirement.   Connect Tech offers engineering services for support in design or customization.

About Connect Tech:
Since 1985, Connect Tech has provided high quality, cost-effective connectivity solutions worldwide. Committed to excellence in both product design and customer service, Connect Tech continues to build on a reputation for manufacturing superior performance communication solutions for mission critical applications.
Designer and manufacturer of multi-port serial adapters, solid state drives, FPGA & Digital I/O products, CAN controller boards, external wireless radio modems, design & debugging tools and Ethernet-to-serial devices, Connect Tech’s commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our ongoing willingness to comply with important product certifications and approvals, the best warranty in industry and free technical support.

Tel:  800-426-8979 | 519-836-1291
Fax:  519-836-4878

Contact Information

Connect Tech Inc.

42 Arrow Road
Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1S6

tele: 519.836.1291
fax: 519.836.4878

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