New and Upcoming TS-4740 Computer-on-Module with Large 25K LUTs FPGA, 120+ DIO, and Gigabit Ethernet

ts-4740Technologic Systems Inc., an embedded systems solutions company, has announced the limited availability of their new high end, Computer-on-Module (COM), TS-4740 for engineering and early prototype samples. With a modular design, large user programmable FPGA, gigabit Ethernet, hundreds of DIO, robust onboard flash and mSD storage, fast bootup time, and other high end components, the TS-4740 can fulfill a wide variety of embedded system requirements. Full descriptions, pictures, and resources, including manuals and schematics, for the TS-4740 can be found on the Technologic Systems’ TS-4740 product page.

Highlights of the TS-4740 are its large FPGA and gigabit Ethernet. The user programmable FPGA has 25K LUTs can implement a wide variety of solutions, such as a microcontroller for RTOS applications. An FPGA bitstream can be loaded from Linux user space, which is ideal for incremental changes and development, and can also be loaded as part of a custom TS-4740 build to be shipped from Technologic Systems. Having gigabit Ethernet enables the TS-4740 to meet high performance LAN capacity and fast response times requirements for bandwidth intensive applications such as high definition video or critical data which depends on low latency and high reliability.

The TS-4740 is a low profile, passively cooled, credit card sized computer on module using Technologic Systems’ TS-SOCKET™ connectors to interface with a TS-SOCKET™ compatible baseboard/breakout board. For rapid development, Technologic Systems offers two compatible, COTS baseboards: the TS-8150 and TS-TPC-8390 (with touch screen). For projects requiring customized baseboards, customers can either hire Technologic Systems’ custom design services or engineer their own custom baseboard using the dual 100-pin connectors available for purchase on the Technologic Systems website.

The TS-4740 boots Linux 2.6.34 kernel to an initial ramdisk shell from either the onboard flash or mSD card in about two seconds. For full flexibility, the TS-4740 can also boot to Debian distribution, which offers a familiar software stack of over 28,000 software packages and a GNU compiler collection for onboard software development. Technologic Systems also includes user space utilities for controlling various aspects of the board, like DIO, SPI, and UARTs. Both flash and mSD disk data is protected by Technologic Systems’ DoubleStore™ technology, a RAID like solution for data redundancy.

Hardware Features

  • 1 GHz Marvell PXA168 ARM9 CPU
  • 512 MB DDR3 RAM
  • 4 GB eMMC Flash Storage
  • 25K LUTs Xilinx FPGA (User Programmable)
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (Magnetics Required)
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet (Magnetics Required)
  • 121x Digital Input/Output
  • 1x mSD Card Slot
  • 1x USB Host
  • 1x USB OTG
  • More…

Software Features

  • Linux 2.6.35
  • Busybox (Boot time: 2 s)
  • Debian Squeeze 6.0 (Boot time: 20 s)
  • Opencore FPGA reloadable in software
  • Flexible programming language support
  • Source code examples available
  • More...


The TS-4740 is available now, but is limited to companies who are looking at evaluating the board for use in their embedded projects. Quantity 100 pricing starts at $176. Other options, such as a pre-programmed bootable mSD card with Debian Linux, are available. Those interested in participating in the TS-4740 sampling program can order the product from the Technologic Systems’ TS-4740 product page, or contact Technologic Systems’ engineers using the information found below in the contact section. The general public product release of the TS-4740 will follow in 4 to 8 weeks.

About Technologic Systems Inc.

Technologic Systems is a leading edge embedded system solutions company founded in 1984 by Bob Miller and headquartered in Fountain Hills, AZ. They are a global provider of ARM and X86 based Single Board Computers (SBCs), Computer-on-Modules (COMs), Touch Panel Computers (TPCs), Industrial Controllers, and PC/104 peripherals. All of Technologic Systems products are designed, manufactured, programmed, and tested in the USA. Technologic Systems offers superior engineering, custom design services, exceptional technical support and a 8+ year product life cycle guarantee. For more information, visit

Contact Information

Technologic Systems

16525 E Laser Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ,

tele: 480.837.5200
fax: 480.837.5300

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