4DSP Greatly Expands its Diverse Family of FPGA Mezzanine Cards in 2014

4DSP is proud to announce that it introduced 10 new FMC (FPGA mezzanine card) products in 2014, bringing the total number of VITA 57.1-compatible modules that it offers to nearly 30. This is the most FMCs that the company has released in a single year since 2010. More important than the number, however, is the functional diversity and performance gains that the new cards bring to 4DSP’s already extensive and robust product line. Looking ahead, the company continues to develop new FMCs for release in 2015.

“Avnet customers developing data acquisition systems face the ever-increasing challenges of high-speed analog design in a marketplace with insatiable demand for bandwidth. We are proud to count 4DSP as an expert partner providing an extensive catalog of FMC mezzanine cards ideally suited for high-performance digital signal processing with Xilinx programmable logic.” said Luc Langlois, director of global technical marketing at Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc.

The first cards announced in 2014 were the FMC160 and FMC161. These modules are designed for high-speed data acquisition and generation, providing one 12-bit A/D channel at 3.6Gsps and one 14-bit D/A channel at 5.6Gsps, and one 12-bit A/D channel at 3.6Gsps or two A/D channels at 1.8Gsps, respectively. Both cards offer high performance I/O when combined with FPGAs and DSPs and offer the best solutions for demanding, real-time, embedded and military applications such as communications, medical, and radar.

4DSP followed up with the FMC151, a wideband transceiver that is well suited for Software Defined Radio (SDR), battery or other low power source applications. This high bandwidth signal acquisition card delivers multi-channel A/D and D/A for signal processing and recording over two channels of 14-bit A/D at 250Msps and two channels of 16-bit D/A at 800Msps. It builds on the success of the widely adopted FMC150, providing a DC-coupled version of that popular FMC as a logical next step.

4DSP then introduced a trio of related cards led by the FMC144, which offers four 16-bit A/D channels with speeds up to 370Msps and four 16-bit D/A channels up to 2.5Gsps. The module delivers high-bandwidth connectivity for such calculation-heavy FPGA-based applications as beamforming and direction finding, making it ideal for multi-antenna arrays used in wireless telecom. It is available in a stackable configuration and features the high-bandwidth JESD204B serial interface between the data converters and the FPGA, enabling an extremely small footprint and low power consumption. The FMC144 was showcased by Texas Instruments along with the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit at Avnet X-Fest events worldwide.

4DSP’s FMC170 came next, offering one 10-bit A/D channel with speeds up to 5 Gsps and one 10-bit D/A channel at 5 Gsps. Designed for the communications, medical, and defense industries, the FMC170’s low latency data path enables 2.5GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in both the receive and transmit directions, making it ideal for the high data throughput requirements of RADAR/SONAR and aerospace.

The design of 4DSP’s FMC410, which offers ten independent optical transmit and receive links with maximum data rates of either 6.25Gbps or 10Gbps, was developed specifically for a customer before being made available to the embedded market as a superior, high-speed optical alternative to standard copper interconnects. With separate transmitter and receiver modules and high port density, the FMC410 can serve as a dual 10Gb or dual 40Gb Ethernet port, and it provides optical input and output for telecom, data networking, data storage, and ultra-high-definition video.

The final FMCs released by 4DSP in 2014, the FMC406 and FMC407, updated the popular FMC408 clock and trigger distribution module. These low-noise clock generation and distribution cards feature eight synchronized clock outputs and eight synchronized PPS signals that easily enable high-speed multichannel solutions. They can distribute an external clock, as well as an internal clock with a frequency between 34.375 MHz and 250MHz (FMC406) or between 34.375 MHZ and 4.4GHz (FMC407).

The wide range of functionality and high level of performance evident in 4DSP’s line of FMCs makes it clear that the company’s product roadmap is informed not only by broader trends in the embedded industry, but by the demanding custom requirements of innovative client projects. This market and customer-driven approach incorporates a variety of signaling and connectivity options to bring the best flexible and compact COTS cards to the global market. In addition to offering solutions that deliver maximum performance for a wide variety of applications, 4DSP provides reference designs and development tools that mitigate risk in the integration and product development cycle.

About 4DSP LLC

4DSP is an innovative Austin, Texas-based corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) board-level electronics, FPGA Intellectual Property (IP Core), and system level solutions. With the most advanced digitizers and FPGA-based products, 4DSP has a reputation for delivering high-performance DSP solutions for the specific embedded computing requirements of Military, Aerospace, Biomedical and Chemical Science applications. As an AS9100 certified company, 4DSP excels at providing solutions that make an impact in both the lab and the field. More information about 4DSP can be found at http://www.4dsp.com.

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