• Electronics Engineering Video Blog

    Electronics Engineering Video Blog

    EEVblog #1117 – PCB Power Plane Capacitance
    Published. September 3, 2018

    Are power planes in a 4 layer PCB any good as a capacitor? Can it work as one big bypass capacitor? A look at an discussion on PCB layer stackups, and some measurements on 4 and 8 layer PCB power planes with different prepreg thicknesses and how well they work as a capacitor. ......

  • Inside HPC

    Inside HPC

    Xilinx Acquires DeePhi Tech, a Machine Learning Startup based in China
    Published. July 18, 2018

    Today FPGA maker Xilinx announced that it has acquired DeePhi Technology, a Beijing-based privately held start-up with industry-leading capabilities in machine learning, specializing in deep compression, pruning, and system-level optimization for neural networks. "Xilinx will continue to invest in DeePhi Tech to advance our shared goal of deploying accelerated machine learning applications in the cloud as well as at the edge.” The post Xilinx Acquires DeePhi Tech, a Machine Learning Startup based...

  • Engineer Zone

    Engineer Zone

    Soft Errors - Hard Facts
    Published. July 17, 2018

    I am long overdue to include a blog on the functional safety requirements for software and indeed the functional safety requirements for Verilog code however this isn’t that blog. By soft errors I mean bit flips in RAM or FF that are not caused by hard errors and therefore disappear when the power is cycled. Previously soft errors were largely ignored and reliability predictions concentrated on hard errors but when IEC 61508-2:2010 mentioned soft errors they could no longer be ignored. This...

  • Digilent’s Blog

    Digilent’s Blog

    FPGA Smart Watering System
    Published. June 27, 2018

    Check out this awesome plant watering project!...

  • Tech Design Forums Blog

    Tech Design Forums Blog

    Embedded FPGAs start to take hold in SoC
    Published. July 16, 2018

    The embedded FPGA is beginning to find a market, with communications leading the way but machine learning likely to drive further adoption....

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Blog Post: A cost-effective option to get started with integrated position sensing
    Published. July 11, 2018

    Starting with the C2000™ Delfino™ TMS320F28379D and TMS320F28379S microcontrollers (MCUs) and soon to be extended to the F280049C and F280041C, TI delivers DesignDRIVE Position Manager solutions for today’s most popular off-the-shelf analog and digital position sensor interfaces (Figure 1). Figure 1: DesignDRIVE position manager solutions Industrial drive designers no longer need to develop sine/cosine, resolver or absolute encoder controller interfaces for EnDat, bidirectional/serial/synchronous...

  • Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Feedback Controllers - Making Hardware with Firmware. Part 9. Closing the low-latency loop
    Published. July 9, 2018

    It's time to put together the DSP and feedback control sciences, the evaluation electronics, the Intel Cyclone floating-point FPGA algorithms and the built-in control loop test-bed and evaluate some example designs. We will be counting the nanoseconds and looking for textbook performance in the creation of emulated hardware circuits. Along the way, there is a printed circuit board (PCB)......

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft opens its 'BrainWave' AI-on-FPGA service to external testers
    Published. May 7, 2018

    Microsoft's project to run fast AI tasks on FPGAs in Azure is starting to come to fruition, with testers starting to get access to the first pieces now....

  • Verification Horizons Blog

    Verification Horizons Blog

    Significantly Improve Your FPGA Design Reliability by Using Custom CDC Synchronizers
    Published. April 24, 2018

    [Preface: we are presenting a paper on this topic at the upcoming SEE/MAPLD conference, May 21-24, 2018 in La Jolla, CA – Join us!] Today’s FPGA designs include multiple cores, interfaces, test logic, and even different internal power and voltage domains. In particular, the multiple asynchronous clocks, and the signals crossing between asynchronous clock domains, […]...

  • Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Top 5 Reasons You Need to Read the IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices White Paper
    Published. March 12, 2018

    Recently, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) released a white paper entitled, Endpoint Security Best Practices (ESBP). This concise document recommends best practices for endpoint security on industrial control system (ICS) devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, drives and controllers. Here are the top five reasons you need to read the ESBP....

  • Functional Verification Blog

    Functional Verification Blog

    DVCon 2013 for the Specmaniac
    Published. February 7, 2013

    At the upcoming DVCon (in San Jose, CA February 25-28) , Cadence will cover all aspects of our verification technologies and methodologies (full list of Cadence-sponsored events is here ). Of course, Team Specman cannot resist drawing your attention to the many activities that will feature Specman and e language-related content, or be of general relevance to Specmaniacs. Hence, if you are going to the conference, please consider printing out the following "DVCon 2013 Guide for the Specmaniac"....


    M&A: Avago grabbed Broadcom, Intel grabs Altera
    Published. June 1, 2015

    Avago continues its acquisition spree. Broadcom (network chipsets and NPUs, CPUs, etc.). This is looking like a more integrated semiconductor IP play here. They grabbed LSI, and shed the non-chippery bits. They grabbed PLX. And Emulex. As they say, curiouser and curiouser. This makes perfect sense to me, and given the other acquisition announced today,… Read More »...

  • Electrical Engineers  Talk Tech

    Electrical Engineers Talk Tech

    Baby, You Can Drive (the PCIe clock in) My Car
    Published. May 2, 2014

    Among all the ARM-based media processors, Ethernet AVB networks, and Xilinx Zynq-based ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) safety features, it’s the humble PCI Express clock generator that really drives the car’s IVI systems. Continue reading →...

  • Gabe On EDA

    Gabe On EDA

    Accellera, Deeper Dive, Real Intent, Xilinx, Synopsys
    Published. February 28, 2014

    This week both Xilinx and Synopsys introduced new products. Xilinx is growing into a complete system company while Synopsys is benefitting from the acquired technology in hardware emulation to keep the competition in this sector very much alive. Taking advantage of the remote management capabilities built in all the latest computing platform, companies, not just governments, can now take a look at your activity on the web. So quit blaming the NSA alone, commercial reasons are an even bigger motivator...

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