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Intel Atom E3800-Based SBC

The CML24BT is an advanced PC/104 single board computer and controller with a PCI/104-Express stackable bus structure. This Intel Atom E3800-based CPU is exceptionally suited for intelligent systems requiring low power consumption in harsh thermal conditions. The CML24BT-series CPUs are available in quad-core, dual-core, and single-core configurations. Surface-mount Type 2 PCI Express connectors enable users to stack multiple peripheral modules above and below the CPU. All models include 4GB surface-mount single-channel ECC DDR3 SDRAM and a 32GB industrial-grade surface-mount SATA flash drive. -40 to +85°C standard operating temperature.

Technical Specs

  • Intel Atom E3800 Series processor with quad-core, dual-core, and single-core options
  • PCI/104-Express stackable bus structure
  • 4GB Single-Channel DDR3 SDRAM (Surface-Mounted) with Error Code Correction (ECC)
  • 32GB Surface-mounted industrial-grade SATA flash drive
  • Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) 1.3 with Audio, one SATA Port, 4 Serial Ports, 7 USB ports, GigE, Analog VGA, on-board Digital I/O

Contact Information

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