New Artesyn ConfigPro™ Tool Simplifies Access to Millions of Power Supply Combinations

Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced the ConfigPro™ online power supply configurator to help customers find the optimal solution from the three million plus combinations enabled by its range of configurable power supplies. The ConfigPro tool will make it easier for industrial and medical equipment designers to specify and use configurable power supplies and can, in many cases, eliminate the need for expensive custom solutions.

Covering Artesyn’s four configurable power supply families, the MP, iMP®, iVS™ and MicroMP (uMP™) series, the ConfigPro tool starts with a user entering the current or power requirements for up to 21 individual outputs, up to 500 Vdc output and up to 970 amps. The online tool then generates a selection of configured options, which can be further refined and results in a solution that is optimized for cost. It can also recommend further cost-saving alternatives based on similar feature and power ratings. The user is provided with a graphical representation of the configured power supply and downloadable PDF summary of the configuration.

“The ConfigPro tool is a game-changer for applications needing medium and high power multi-output power supplies”, said Chris Jones, marketing director for Artesyn Embedded Technologies. “With such a wide range of configurable families, we believe we have the most number of power supply combinations in the industry, and this tool will make it as easy to navigate the options as it would be to select a standard, non-configurable unit. The ability to handle voltage inputs that are ‘in between’ the standard ratings and the numerous other variables considered by the ConfigPro tool requires a sophisticated system.”

Artesyn’s ConfigPro tool uses a powerful solution algorithm that factors in complex variables including dual and triple output modules, and parallel and series solutions. The tool also includes a reverse part lookup to enable designers to quickly find information on parts if they have a configured part number.

About Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, medical, military, aerospace and industrial. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted Artesyn to help them accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk with cost-effective advanced network computing and power conversion solutions. Artesyn has over 20,000 employees worldwide across ten engineering centers of excellence, four world-class manufacturing facilities, and global sales and support offices.

Contact Information

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

2900 South Diablo Way.
Suite 190
Tempe, AZ, 85282

tele: +1 888 412 7832
toll-free: +1 602 438 5720

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