New Intelligent Power Modules from STMicroelectronics Enable Greener and More Reliable Appliances

Geneva, November 19, 2015 – New 600V intelligent power modules from STMicroelectronics enhance the efficiency and reliability of motor drives in compressors, pumps, fans, and other domestic and industrial appliances. Targeting drives working up to 20kHz in hard-switching circuits, ST’s modules enable an increase in energy efficiency over a range of application power outputs from 300W to 3kW.

The new devices build on the success of ST’s well-proven SLLIMM[1]™ family of dual-in-line modules. These provide a direct connection between a low-voltage microcontroller and a mains-powered electric motor, replacing up to 10 active components. The SLLIMM 2nd series offers higher performance, increased collector current range, and additional package-technology options that can further reduce the cost of the application by enabling the use of smaller heatsinks.

The SLLIMM 2nd series features a new internal configuration with only two drivers – one high-side driver and one low-side driver – and dedicated trench-gate field-stop IGBTs, resulting in the industry’s best compromise between conduction and switching losses, along with outstanding robustness and EMI behavior.

Key technical features include:

  • Up to 35A maximum collector current at 25°C;
  • Fully molded and DBC (Direct Bond Copper) dual-in-line (38×24 mm2) pin-compatible package options;
  • Industry’s lowest thermal resistance (Rth) for the DBC package versions;
  • Internal bootstrap diode to reduce BOM and simplify layout;
  • 175°C maximum operating junction temperature;
  • 1500 Vrms minimum isolation (no opto-coupler required);
  • Low VCE(sat);
  • Low EMI;
  • Separate open emitter outputs to simplify PCB routing for single- and three-phase applications;
  • Built-in temperature sensor and NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) option;
  • Comparator for fault protection;
  • Shutdown input/fault detection output;
  • Two pin-out and two lead-frame options.

Most of the devices in ST’s SLLIMM 2nd series are in full production, with pricing starting at US$9.5 in quantities of 1,000 units.

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