Sonics And Northwest Logic Partner On High Throughput Memory Subsytem Solutions

Sonics, Inc., a supplier of Network On-Chip (NoC) and power management technologies and services, and Northwest Logic, a provider of high performance IP cores, announced their partnership to deliver high throughput memory subsystem solutions for complex System-On-Chip (SOC) designs. The companies’ partnership, which is being driven by a mutual customer SOC design win, integrates Sonics’ flagship interconnect fabric, SonicsGN NoC, and Sonics’ MemMax memory scheduler with Northwest Logic’s family of HBM2, DDRx, LPDDRx memory controllers.
“As DRAM data rates increase, the number of pipelined outstanding transactions required to achieve full throughput grows dramatically,” said Drew Wingard, CTO of Sonics. “This requires more intelligent transaction scheduling that considers both the bandwidth and latency requirements of pending requests and the page and bank states of DRAM. Without careful coordination between the NoC, memory scheduler, and memory controller, the subsystem will miss data transfer deadlines and suffer performance degradation at several points along the memory subsystem transaction path. Our partnership with Northwest Logic ensures that MemMax’s scheduling decisions produce a transaction stream enabling Northwest Logic’s controllers to efficiently map into memory commands that fully leverage the customer’s chosen DRAM technology.”
The Sonics-Northwest Logic high throughput memory subsystem solutions are currently in use with leading SOC design customers and available immediately. For more information, contact your Sonics or Northwest Logic representative.

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