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Guardbox Type 33

Elma’s Guardbox Type 33 line of compact electronic equipment enclosures are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor installations for surveillance, test and measurement instrumentation, facility control systems, manufacturing control systems and many other applications. These vibration- resistant cases feature rugged construction, ease of assembly and ease of serviceability. The enclosures are available in custom and standard sizes including three standard widths and overall six different sizes to meet a multitude of installation space requirements across a range of IoT and M2M applications. Various internal board mounting options allow secure mounting of a range of board sizes including 3U and 6U Eurocards, PCI/104, ComExpress and non-standard sizes. Shape, size and aesthetic appeal are key considerations in electronic packaging and the Type 33 can help set your OEM product apart with your own logo and custom color scheme. We apply a wide variety of finishing methods including anodized digital printing, silk screening and laser etching in low to high volume runs. You may choose to work with our team of experienced designers for a new look or we can work to your existing design. Regardless of where your IoT application takes you, Elma has an enclosure ready to take on the requirement. Elma can design and supply custom designed front and rear panels adapted to your specific I/O set with the end application connectors in mind. Finally beveled edges give your enclosure a clean and finished look. The Guardbox 33 family is just one example of many electronic equipment enclosures designed and built by Elma for over 30 years.


  • Light weight designs for weight sensitive installations
  • Optional mounting feet and handles
  • Durable finish for lasting protection and aesthetic appeal
  • Custom designs for your OEM product offering
  • Up to 8kg (17lbs) handle carrying capacity
Trio-Stack-Type-33-Cases_webTECHNICAL SPECS

  • Easy access for reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Convenient bow handle option for easy transport
  • Tilt up feet for easy panel viewing
  • EMC gasketing options maximize protection against electronic interference
  • Internal mounting options for a wide range of board sizes

Light rugged industrial and commercial applications

On Line ordering. 2-3 weeks ARO, longer for customs

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