Matrox Announces Major Update to Dot-Matrix OCR Tool

In a move intended to increase tracking and tracing efficiency, Matrox Imaging is announcing a major update to its dot-matrix OCR tool — SureDotOCR. The update brings with it optimizations that improve both reading speed and robustness.

In general, the updated SureDotOCR tool can now read two times faster than before, which translates to a speed of over 2000 ppm when using an Intel Core i5-6500TE platform. In specific circumstances, read speeds have been increased by up to four times what was previously possible.

Introducing the possibility to specify the expected italicization and strings angles of dot-matrix text, this update further boosts reading robustness and speed; major throughput advances for those looking to provide dependable tracking and tracing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

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