NXP Expands its Software Solutions for MPC56 and MPC57 MCUs Based on Power Architecture Technology

Developers of electronic controls for industrial and automotive products face a steep challenge to bring products to market fast with enhanced safety and security features. This complexity in automotive software development led the industry to develop the AUTOSAR standard, an open automotive software architecture that simplifies the development process of electronic systems that improve quality, performance, safety and environmental friendliness. NXP is now providing an expanded set of its automotive-grade software solutions to help customers develop with complex microcontrollers.

With the software solutions for NXP’s MPC56xx and MPC57xx families of microcontrollers, customers may significantly reduce cost, development effort and time to market in a broad range of automotive applications such as Gateway, Functional Safety, Advanced Motor Control, Engine Control, Radar, Braking, Steering and Suspension.

To support this industry standard, NXP now provides production intent AUTOSAR MCAL and Operating System software for the MPC56xx devices free-of-charge.

NXP has also announced a radical price reduction for AUTOSAR 3.0/4.0 MCAL and Operating System for the MPC57xx microcontrollers.

Compliance and Compatibility Details
NXP automotive-grade software products are developed according to MISRA and Automotive SPICE compliant development processes.

For software that targets MCUs designed for NXP’s SafeAssure program, the development process has been enhanced to comply with the ISO26262 standard on functional safety. NXP software can be integrated with other software developed for the AUTOSAR ecosystem and with AUTOSAR configuration tools offered by third parties.

NXP MCAL packages include drivers for the major MCU peripherals, for initialization, communication, IO handling, and memory management.

NXP has also introduced a comprehensive, automotive-grade software development kit (SDK) that provides the critical software components necessary to operate the automotive MPC57xx MCUs. The first MCU that is supported by this SDK is our leading-edge microcontroller for gateway applications, the MPC5748G.

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