Amphenol Provides Wind Energy Market with Higher Reliability through Broad Line of Rugged Interconnects

Variety of options available that endure harsh, rugged environments

Technical Specifications

  • Amphenol AIO offers Wind-Lok high current connectors
  • Amphenol LTW offers line of waterproof screw vents
  • Amphenol GEC offers line of cable protection products
  • Amphenol Anytek offers terminal blocks, screw machined pins, IC sockets, spring pins as well as connectors

Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, now offers an array of high quality, reliable connectors for use in the wind power industry. From power connectors and signal connectors, backplane connectors, rugged data cables and switches to complete cable assemblies, fiber optic connectors and assemblies, Amphenol has a connector for every wind power application.

Amphenol’s wind products, distributed by various divisions of the company, are designed for use in on-land, or off-shore applications.  They can withstand vibration, salt spray, humidity, dust, EMI/EMC as well as temperature extremes.

Amphenol LTW (ALTW), a division of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, offers a line of waterproof screw vents for industrial applications.  The Screw Vent M12 series provides a durable and reliable solution for complete enclosures in harsh environments.

Designed to withstand extreme changes in pressure, while remaining reliable, this new series of vents feature a strong, flexible flat surface with hydrophobic/oleophobic membrane and O-ring, as well as a silicone seal to help keep liquids, oils and moisture out.  The new vents are ideal for use in renewable energy, LED lighting, broadband wireless access and security system applications..

Amphenol GEC, another division of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, offers a cable protection line of products that protects cable harnesses in virtually any environment.  This new line includes conduits, cable glands, tubing, braided jackets as well as other harness protection accessories.

These easy-to-install protective products are available in plastic and metallic compositions and can be used with robotic harnesses, floor cables and in glands that protect connectors.  Many of the assemblies have passed CE certification, RoHS environmental testing and UL/CUL standards to meet any application, while others have passed ATEX and IECEX, the requirements for equipment intended for use in (potentially) hazardous areas.

Amphenol AIO offers high current connectors in its Wind-Lok product line that enables quick connection of large gauge copper and aluminum cables.  Designed to speed up the installation of wind turbine tower assemblies, Wind-Lok replaces labor intensive, on-site termination of power cables in terminal block enclosures.

Ideal for use in wind turbines, solar fields, mining power, temporary power as well as datacenter power, Wind-Lok is engineered to meet the requirements of wind turbine power distribution using either aluminum or copper wire termination. Delivering high power from source to load, it ensures safe performance and quick mating and unmating of trunk assemblies.

Amphenol Anytek, another division of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, offers terminal blocks, screw machined pins, IC sockets, spring pins as well as connectors for use in monitoring systems and machine display panels on control boards for linking and to share power and signals.

Anytek offers six major types of terminal blocks, including wire protector, rising clamp, screw pluggable, spring pluggable, spring clamp and barrier.  These terminal blocks provide the connection for wire-to-wire and wire-to-PCB and are mainly used in power line connection applications as well as part of the mini size terminal block used for signal connection applications.

In additional to the connection of power lines, the pluggable terminal block and spring clamp terminal block are designed for ease of insertion and withdrawal in wire applications. Spring clamp terminal blocks are also used in applications that have a lot of vibration.

The five different series, including YD series, OQ series, TJ series, KD series and the KE series are easy to use and are UL, VDE and TUV certified.

Amphenol has the ability to produce high reliability connectors for the harshest environments.  All connectors are approved by UL/CSA, VDE and other international standards.

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Editor’s Note:  Amphenol Industrial Products Group, headquartered in a 307,000 square foot facility in Sidney, N.Y., provides a full range of high reliability power/signal connectors and interconnection systems specifically for the industrial markets including rail/mass transit, process control, automotive manufacturing, heavy equipment, wireless base stations and petrochemical/power generation.

Products include ruggedized-for-industry cylindrical, fiber optic, rectangular, and industrialized versions of Amphenol’s MIL-DTL-5015 cylindrical, MIL-DTL-26482 miniature cylindrical and GT reverse bayonet cylindrical connectors. It employs more than 900 people and is ISO9001, TS96949 and MIL-STD-790 certified.

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is a division of Amphenol Corporation, Wallingford, CT, one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world, with year 2016 sales topping $6.3 billion.

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