Apacer Memory America Inc.

Anti-Sulfuration Memory Modules

Supported Architectures: DIMM, SODIMM, ECC DIMM, ECC SODIMM, Registered DIMM

In the face of environmental pollution, electronic components exposed to high temperature, humidity, and pollution are often prone to sulfuration, weakening and damaging products. Apacer’s technology uses special alloy materials, which have passed the ASTM B809-95 anti-sulfuration test, as passive components, allowing them to operate steadily even in a harsh sulfur-containing environment and to meet high industrial standards. Stronger anti-sulfuration properties ensure product reliability and durability and meet the needs of systems that require continuously stable operation. Additionally, anti-sulfuration memory modules can expand a system’s lifespan. This new memory module developed by Apacer is a pioneer in anti-sulfuration technology and has obtained patents from the US, Taiwan, and China.


  • Adopts exclusive and improved alloy materials to replace normal electrodes
  • Passes the ASTM B809-95 anti-sulfuration test

  • Solves corrosion problems effectively and increases overall system lifespan
  • Improves product reliability and durability
  • Awarded patent for anti-sulfuration memory

Contact Information

Apacer Memory America Inc.

46732 Lakeview Blvd.
Fremont, CA, 94538

tele: 408-518-8657

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