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  • Overcoming Advanced Signaling Integrity Issues in High-Speed Systems

    As signaling rates continue to increase, maintaining signal integrity has become a much greater challenge for developers. Migrating a system to a next-generation interface operating at 5, 8, 10, or 12 Gbps brings with it increased sensitivity to attenuation and jitter that can severely curtail reach and reliability.

  • Increasing Precision in Diagnostic Equipment

    Precision is at the heart of every diagnostic device. The precision of a system is the degree to which the system will consistently provide the same result given the same operating conditions. Precision is crucial – whether a system is a complex magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sensor, an embedded tire pressure sensor, or a low-cost blood glucose meter – because it serves as the foundation for both accuracy and reliability. For example, if a meter’s readings between two equivalent samples vary significantly, it will be difficult for the system to determine an appropriate response.

  • Consolidating Systems for Reduced Cost & Complexity in the Factory

    Using virtualization to host multiple discrete workloads on a single computing device is an important trend in manufacturing today, leading to reduced cost and complexity in the factory environment. This white paper describes the benefits of system consolidation along with the technical requirements for implementation. Read now to learn more.

  • High Density Digital Signal Processing with ATCA

    Traditional methods of digital signal processing in military and aerospace applications have used specialized FPGAs, multiprocessor VME or OpenVPX solutions. Advances in microprocessor technology and accompanying software could mean that AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) has the potential to replace some of those expensive highly specialized elements in complex signal processing applications.

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