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Intel SoC Enables Next-Gen Networking Devices
From 3-D transistors to 2.5D or 3D systems
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Mobile and IoT Drive Embedded Small Form Factor Evolution

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  • What’s Up Next in the IoT?

    Cross post to security, industrial, transportation, Intel The Internet of things shares many of the same challenges as human-Internet interactions, including the need for connectivity

  • PC/104: What’s Old Is New Again

    Despite all the breathless excitement of the “new” Internet of Things, the PC/104 Consortium has spent its 22 years of existence helping to get the industry to this point: bringing

  • Mobile and IoT Drive Embedded Small Form Factor Evolution

    Industry experts weigh in on the implications of new SoCs from Intel and ARM, high-speed interconnects, and the Internet of Things—all in the context of small form factor embedded boards.

  • Intel SoC Enables Next-Gen Networking Devices

    The low-power Intel® Atom™ processor C2000 family SoC enables a new generation of devices for communications infrastructure, including an ATCA-based control-plane processor and application

  • Meet the Challenge of Securing the Smart Grid

    The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to bring greater efficiency and functionality to smart grid and industrial applications, but as this infrastructure is increasingly exposed over

  • Intel Stakes its Claim in Security and Remote Management

    It is almost impossible to design a distributed system that does not include security and remote management of computing nodes as fundamental functions. Security and remote management

  • The Demanding Road to NFV

    Network functions virtualization (NFV) is an initiative driven by several dozen large Communications Service Providers (CSPs) that dramatically increases the use of virtualization and

  • How to improve analog video using adaptive equalization in multi-channel surveillance systems

    Despite the trend towards IPTV and VoIP, most CCTV surveillance cameras are analog. Signals degrade quickly and quality suffers. Here’s the fix.

  • Lots of Ways to Skin a Low-Power Cat

    Power-management experts share their insights into chip-, system- and software-level opportunities. If the depth of detail in our roundtable responses are any indication, power management

  • Signal Integrity in a GHz World

    Editor’s note: This article is Sponsored by Pericom Semiconductor The convergence of technology dynamics with market dynamics brings the importance of signal integrity into sharp

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