ADLINK’s Computer-on-Modules and Carrier Board Design Service Get OEMs to Market Quicker

One of the fastest growing trends in the embedded industry is the use of computer-on-modules to enhance productivity and reduce time to market. ADLINK Technology offers a wide array of COM Express and ETX computer-on-modules that provide OEMs with plenty of performance vs. price options.

With the computer-on-module approach, all generic PC functions are readily available on an off-the-shelf compact module, allowing system developers to focus on their core competencies and the unique functions of the system. ADLINK Technology’s end result is a compact, high-performance system designed in a shortened development time.

Because ADLINK’s computer-on-modules adhere to industry wide standards, OEMs are able to plug the module into their custom designed carrier board to provide the application with additional functionality. As a result, ADLINK’s modules can be implemented into a large assortment of applications including data communications, gaming, transport, medical, and industrial automation.

COM Express

With a broad array of choices, ADLINK Technology’s COM Express computer-on-modules are highly integrated off-the-shelf building blocks based on PCI Express bus architecture that plug into custom made, application specific baseboards. Featuring next-generation processors from Intel®, including the Atom™ and Core™ 2 Duo CPUs, the 95mm x 125mm module also integrates the latest technology standards based on serial differential signaling such as PCI Express, USB 2.0, SATA, LVDS and Serial DVO.


The ETX module includes the most generic functions needed for almost any application, such as graphics, Ethernet, sound, IDE, FDD, parallel, serial and USB ports. ETX modules are available in different performance levels with CPU speeds ranging from 300MHz to 2.0GHz. The ETX approach of custom carrier boards combined with the off-the-shelf computer-on-modules is an excellent solution when you need to customize, but lack the time or quantity for a complete design from the ground up.

Carrier Board Design Service

ADLINK offers a carrier board design service that is much faster and cost effective than developing a full custom solution for your application. Instead of spending months developing the full solution, ADLINK can design a carrier board and have it shipped to you in 30 working days or less. This service will allow you get to market and to profit quicker than a full solution.

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