Tilera TILEncore-Gx: Intelligent Application Adapters

The migration of networking and security workloads to the cloud is accelerating, and datacenters that were designed to handle enterprise applications and databases are now faced with massive new pressures. Servers are now expected to process 10G – 100Gbps of Ethernet traffic across millions of flows, perform security, routing, load balancing and other workloads for which the server processor is not optimized. This pain point is amplified with virtualization – a rapidly growing industry trend that increases the number of virtual machines (VMs) in each physical server. This further stresses the performance of the server processor, which is already consumed with handling packet flows.

Tilera has the answer to this industry challenge with TILE-IQ™, a heterogeneous computing approach that supercharges Intel® architecture-based servers with intelligent and fully programmable adapter cards in a PCI Express form factor. Tilera’s TILEncore-Gx™ Intelligent Application Adapters are designed to accelerate and offload the data-plane with high throughput L2-7 networking and security functions, freeing the server processors to focus on the applications and control-plane.

Tilera’s high-performance TILE-Gx™ manycore processors, scaling from 9, 16, 36 and up to 72 cores, are the engines at the heart of the TILEncore-Gx adapters. They include 20G to 80Gbps of Ethernet I/O ports and up to 32 GB of DDR3 memory with an 8-lane PCIe connection to the host CPU. Incorporating flexible DMA and support for SR-IOV, the included high-performance drivers deliver efficient wire-speed performance across all packet sizes.

The TILEncore-Gx adapters are fully C/Linux programmable using a standard GNU and gcc software toolchain, hence allowing full customization of the offloaded functions and accelerating time-to-market. Tilera offers a broad suite of reference applications optimized for high throughput computing, such as 40Gbps of Open vSwitch, 80Gbps of TCP/IP, 80Gbbs of IP routing and a range of security applications including SSL, IPsec, IDS/IPS, DPI and more. The remarkably low power consumption allows packing many TILEncore-Gx adapters into a mainstream server, transforming it into a carrier-class network functions virtualization (NFV) or software-defined networking (SDN) appliance with up to 64 x 10Gbps ports.

The TILEncore family is available now in a range of configurations, from the high-end 80Gbps TILEncore-Gx72, to the cost and space optimized half height 10Gbps TILEncore-Gx9.
With TILE-IQ, you can leverage the best-of-breed technologies, assembling a powerhouse programmable L2-7 NFV/SDN appliance with Intel® processors and TILEncore-Gx Intelligent Adapters. Welcome to heterogeneous computing.

For further information, please visit www.tilera.com


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2333 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA, 2333 Zanker Roa

tele: +1 408 383-9292

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