Tilera’s TILEncore-Gx72 Intelligent Application Adapter and TILE-Gx72 Processor Now in Production and Shipping in Volume

PCIe adapter platform enhances performance and throughput of embedded systems and servers

Tilera Corporation, the leader in high-performance, power-efficient computing, today announced that its TILEncore-Gx72™ intelligent application adapter and TILE-Gx72™ processor are now in production and shipping in volume to Tilera customers. The two new products help round-out Tilera’s recently announced TILE-IQ™ technology, a portfolio of hardware and software leveraging the high-performance, power-efficient and scalable TILE-Gx™ processors together with standard x86 CPUs to accelerate systems and offload entire applications.

The TILE-IQ technology uniquely solves the limitations of fixed offload functions, limited capacity and scalability as well as antiquated programming environments offered by traditional accelerator vendors. With TILE-IQ, customers can easily re-compile dataplane code from their x86 CPU to the Tilera environment and decouple the high-performance and latency-sensitive security and network processing from the control plane to achieve optimum results.

The TILEncore-Gx72 intelligent application adapter is a high-performance networking and computing platform designed to enhance the performance and throughput of embedded systems and servers. The massive computing power of the TILE-Gx processor is complemented with 80 Gbps of Ethernet I/O and a large memory capacity in a compact, power-efficient PCIe form factor, enabling both network endpoint or “bump-in-the-wire” configurations.

The TILEncore-Gx72 platform works with Tilera’s industry-leading Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE) software, providing standard Linux development and ease of programming across the entire line of TILEncore-Gx™ adapters, including models with 9, 16, 36, and 72 cores.

The TILEncore-Gx72 is comprised of the TILE-Gx processor (and its memory subsystems) and the interface subsystem with SFP/SFP+ connectors. The 72-core TILE-Gx72 processor brings wire-speed, 80Gbps deep packet processing to the most demanding applications. The processor is supported by up to 32 GBytes of DDR3 memory with ECC.  The platform is typically installed into a Linux x86 host desktop or rackmount server and powered by the 6-pin ATX power connector. The TILEncore-Gx72 can also be configured to operate in a standalone mode without the use of its PCIe edge connector.

The rear plate includes eight high-speed Ethernet ports (SFP/ SFP+) – each can be configured for 1 or 10 Gbps operation.  In addition, a Micro USB 2.0 port is included to support debug and management operations. An 8-lane PCIe Gen3 edge connector interfaces to the host system, offering up to 64 Gbps of peak throughput.

The TILEncore-Gx72 is ideally suited for the following user applications:

  • 8×10 Gbps intelligent offload Network Interface Card (NIC) for quick hardware deployment
  • PCIe-based accelerator card for processor-intensive offloads
  • Platform for TILE-Gx software development and benchmarking

About Tilera:
Tilera® Corporation is the developer of the highest performance, low-power, general purpose manycore processors. Tilera is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with additional locations worldwide. For more information, visit www.tilera.com or follow us on Twitter @Tilera.

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