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The Lanza's Challenge
Low Power Is The Norm, Not The Exception
Eye diagrams don't lie: ReDrivers, before and after
Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).

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  • JB’s Circuit

    JB’s Circuit

    Soft (Hardware) and Software IP Rule the IoT

    Will soft (hardware) and software IP dominate the IoT market? Experts from IPExtreme, Atmel, GarySmithEDA,...

  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Eye diagrams don’t lie: ReDrivers, before and after

    USB, HDMI, or analog signals degrade to mush over long signal traces or cables; check out these “before...

  • Chipnastics


    Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores

    Targeting secure cloud servers, storage servers, compute servers, and data-plane applications, the ThunderX...

  • Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    nickmac@microsoft is EOL as at 21/03/14 NZDST

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all of your support, feedback and interactions since 2002 -  It's...

  • Will a Breakthrough Solar Technology See the Light of Day?   /  (Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories)

    A startup that might have a record-breaking solar cell is in danger of going out of business.The power unit is a rectangular slab about the size of a movie theater screen. It’s mounted on a thick steel post, and equipped with a tracking mechanism that continuously points it at the sun. The slab is made of over 100,000...

  • Blog Post: Choosing the right sense resistor layout  /  (TI E2E Community)

    There are many things that can go wrong when designing with a hot swap controller. For example, the hot swap can trip at an unexpected current value or a current monitor may report inaccurate measurements. As a result, the integrity of a system which relies on protection by the hot swap can now be at risk. Optimizing sense...

  • Ned help Java Program  /  (Consumerization: BYOD)

    I would like to create a class for finding the voltages of 1, 2 or even 4 batteries. The Class can be called BatteryVoltage with a default voltage value of 1.5 (AA Battery) Must allow the user to find the total voltage of batteries when installed as a single,double, or ......

  • 3D Printer Creates World's Best Inverter  /  (NextGenLog)

    This 3-D printed inverter for electric cars that is lighter, smaller and more energy efficient than today's inverters was produced by Oak Ridge National Labs: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLogOak Ridge National Laboratory's 3D-printed 30-kilowatt power inverter offers greater reliability and power in a compact package. FULL...

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