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  • Where Does FAT Fail? - Exploring Compromises in this Ubiquitous File System Format.

    As an early option for data organization, the FAT file system attained a certain ubiquity. This paper examines characteristics of the FAT file system that leave it vulnerable to corruption, and some ways vendors (including Microsoft) are trying to make it more reliable. Can reliability be achieved without sacrificing interoperability? Is the performance cost worth the benefit?

  • Optimizing LPDDR4 Performance and Power with Multi-Channel Architectures

    LPDDR4 offers huge bandwidth in a physically small PCB area and volume; up to 25.6 GByte/s of bandwidth at a 3,200 Mbps data rate from a single 15mmx15mm LPDDR4 package when two dies are packaged together. LPDDR4 builds on the success of LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 by adding new features and introducing a major architectural change. This white paper discusses why designers are selecting LPDDR4, how to handle 2-die and 4-die packages with multi-channel connections, the advantages of sharing channels through system-on-chip (SoC) partitioning, and how to optimize channels for the lowest power consumption.

  • Rapid Architectural Exploration in Designing Application-Specific Processors

    Architectural exploration is at the heart of any ASIP design approach. This white paper explains the architectural tradeoffs available to an ASIP designer, such as performance vs. area, and why an ASIP design can still maintain full C-programmability while being optimized for a certain application domain.

  • Gaining Precision in Space Applications: Using Voltage References for Precision Signal Paths

    Often when selecting a component in the signal path of a satellite system, it is difficult to find a device with the radiation tolerance and the accuracy required. Signal integrity

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