Wide-Temperature SOM-9X25 ARM System on Module

Designed and manufactured in the USA; the SoM-9X25 is a wide temperature ARM System on Module (SoM) based on the Atmel AT91SAM9X25 processor.  This fanless ARM9 400 MHz SoM has 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet with onboard PHY (2nd Ethernet optional), 6 serial ports (3 with handshake) and auto RS-485 capability, 1 High Speed USB 2.0 Host Port, 1 Full Speed USB 2.0 Host Port, 1 High Speed USB 2.0 Device Port, 2 SPI & 2 I2C ports, CAN 2.0B Controller, and 1 I2S Audio port.  The module can utilizes up to 4GB of eMMC, up to 16MB of serial data flash, up to 128MB of DDR2 RAM, with additional flash provision provided by a SD/MMC flash card interface. A SoM is a small embedded module that contains the core of a microprocessor system.

Using the same small 144 pin SODIMM form-factor (2.66" x 1.5") as other EMAC SoM modules, the SoM-9X25 is the ideal processor engine for your next design.  The SoM-9X25 has an industrial temperature range (-40 to 85C), battery backed real time clock, 4 channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, with a typical power requirement of less than 1 watt.

The SoM-9X25 is designed to plug into a carrier board that contains all the connectors and any custom I/O required for the application. This approach allows the customer or EMAC to design a custom carrier board that meets the customer’s I/O, dimensional, and connector requirements without having to worry about the processor, memory, and standard I/O functionality. With this System on Module approach, a semi-custom hardware platform can be developed in as little as a month.

In addition to the option of the developing a carrier board, one can be purchased off-the-shelf from EMAC. EMAC provides off-the-shelf Carrier boards that feature A/D, D/A, MMC/SD card, keypad, LCD, audio, and modem interfaces. The recommended off-the-shelf carrier board for the SoM-9X25 is the SoM-150ES which allows the user to immediately start coding their application using the powerful Linux or WinCE operating system and tools. The System on Module approach provides the flexibility of a fully customized product at a greatly reduced cost.

EMAC provides a Free Eclipse IDE for Linux development.  All the compiling, linking, downloading, and debugging inherent to software development can be done from one easy to use high level interface. When developing for Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 applications, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 can be utilized. Both Visual Studio and Eclipse provide everything the user needs for developing SoM-9X25 applications. EMAC provides an SDK for the SoM-9X25, which contains source examples and drivers.  Quantity 1 price for SoM-9×25 starts at $190.

For more information on the SoM-9X25 go to our website:  http://www.emacinc.com/som/som9x25.htm

About EMAC, Inc . (www.emacinc.com)

EMAC, Inc. is a global leader in ARM based System on Module design and manufacturing.  EMAC offers both OEM manufacturing as well as a comprehensive line of distributed COTS products that include x86 and ARM based Single Board Computers, System on Module (SoM), Panel PCs, Custom Engineering and Manufacturing.  EMAC OEM products are manufactured in the USA. 


Contact Information

EMAC, Inc.

2390 EMAC Way
Carbondale, IL, 62902

tele: 618-529-4525
fax: 618-457-0110

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