New Power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics Approach “Perfect” Switching Performance

STMicroelectronics has extended its popular MDmesh™ M2 series of N-channel power MOSFETs with the introduction of a new family of devices that offer the industry’s highest power efficiencies in power supplies for servers, laptops, telecom, and consumer applications, especially under light-load conditions. With these new devices, designers can create switching power conversion solutions that are lighter and more compact, while more easily meeting increasingly stringent energy-efficiency targets.

The new 600V MDmesh M2 EP devices combine ST’s proven strip layout with a new improved vertical structure and an optimized diffusion process to approach the ideal switch, with very low ON-resistance and the lowest available turn-off switching losses. They are tailored for very-high-frequency converters (f> 150 kHz), making them perfect for the most demanding PSU (Power Supply Unit) applications.

Ideal for both hard- and soft-switching topologies, including resonant topologies such as LLC, the new devices offer extremely low switching losses, especially under light-load conditions. In addition to the very low gate charge (Qg) exhibited by all MDmesh M2 devices, the M2 EP devices feature up to a 20% reduction in Eoff (turn-off energy), thus reducing by the same percentage the turn-off switching losses in hard-switching converters. This Eoff reduction in the low current range boosts the efficiency under light-load conditions, where efficiency-certification rules are becoming increasingly demanding.

The enhanced shape of the turn-off waveforms leads to higher efficiency and lower noise in resonant converters, allowing more energy to be stored and re-used, rather than dissipated as heat, cycle by cycle.

Key features of the new MDmesh M2 EP series include:

  • Extremely low Qg (as low as 16 nC)
  • Optimized capacitance profile for light-load conditions
  • Optimized Vth and Rg values for soft switching
  • Body diode ruggedness

Offered in a wide range of packages (PowerFLAT 5×6 HV, DPAK, D2PAK, TO-220, TO-220FP, I2PAKFP, and TO-247) the MDmesh M2 EP family targets power-supply applications that require the highest efficiency levels. All devices are in full production, with pricing starting at $1.5 for the STD15N60M2-EP in a DPAK package for orders of 1000 pieces.

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