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More Connected Than Ever: 6 Billion New Internet-Enabled Devices to be Produced This Year

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  • Advanced Process Nodes Transform MCU Market

    Integrated peripherals and sensor capabilities in today’s MCUs support new applications in wearable and ultra-mobile designs. To get a sense of where innovation is occurring

  • Smarter Ways to Use the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way businesses operate, differentiate themselves, and increase profits. With enhanced situational awareness—the ability to perceive

  • Tracking Vehicle Movement in 3 Dimensions

    Why Vehicle Telematics Systems Need More Than Just Satellites Many vehicle systems rely on accurate satellite positioning as a basis for their correct operation. Navigation,

  • Getting Your M2M Cellular Design Connected

    Cellular designs are becoming increasingly critical in both commercial and industrial M2M applications. Devices need robust, reliable connectivity, and are replacing Wi-Fi with cellular

  • EnerChip RTC Real Time Clock with Integrated Power Backup

    The Cymbet EnerChip™ RTC with a rechargeable Solid State Battery is designed to last the life of your product. [company]

  • What’s Up Next in the IoT?

    Cross post to security, industrial, transportation, Intel The Internet of things shares many of the same challenges as human-Internet interactions, including the need for connectivity

  • Sensors Are a Primary Source for Big Data

    New IoT applications—from medical to smart energy to animal husbandry— drive the need for more layered intelligence to address security and privacy concerns, and to manage stunning

  • PC/104: What’s Old Is New Again

    Despite all the breathless excitement of the “new” Internet of Things, the PC/104 Consortium has spent its 22 years of existence helping to get the industry to this point: bringing

  • Mobile and IoT Drive Embedded Small Form Factor Evolution

    Industry experts weigh in on the implications of new SoCs from Intel and ARM, high-speed interconnects, and the Internet of Things—all in the context of small form factor embedded

  • Overcome Common COMs Design Pitfalls

    When designing with high-performance, low-power computer-on-modules (COMs), subtle and not-so-subtle characteristics impact common performance needs such as implementing digital displays,

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