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  • 7 Essential Cabinet Design Considerations for Protecting 19" Electronics

    This white paper, written by Vlad Konopelko, Product Marketing Manager, North America, for Pentair’s Schroff brand, introduces seven essential mechanical structure and protection standards and design considerations for specifying a reliable 19” electronics cabinet solution for non-IT applications

  • Frameworks optimize analysis and visualization of medical imaging

    Each advancement in medical imaging enables significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of diagnostics and therapy. The challenge: Each advancement requires significant computing performance gains to allow medical image data to be measured and analyzed. And once this massive amount of digital data has been created, it needs to be visualized too – including even stereoscopic 3D in real-time.

  • Avoiding an Energy Storage Crisis: The 8 Key Advantages of Solid State Batteries

    Unique Solid State Rechargeable Batteries are being used by Medical, Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics, Appliance and Smart Energy companies to power their new innovative electronic product designs. These batteries have capabilities that are superior to legacy energy storage devices such as coin cell batteries and supercapacitors. This white paper identifies the product requirements and technical specifications that are addressed by Cymbet EnerChip smart rechargeable solid state batteries.

  • Low-Power Processors: When Performance Matters

    This white paper takes a fresh look at the performance of low-power x86 CPUs, now that VIA has introduced dual-core and quad-core CPUs.

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