Keysight Technologies’ Battery-Drain Analysis Solution Delivers Insight for Operation Critical Applications


  • Maximizing battery run-time and minimizing power failures is critical for devices used in energy, automotive and medical applications
  • Keysight is the only company that offers an integrated solution for accurate battery-drain analysis and for managing the wide dynamic-current-range requirements
  • Keysights’ integrated solution can verify that device software downloads will not impact the battery life or product performance over time

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced the availability of a battery-drain analysis solution that delivers insight into critical applications for the energy, automotive and medical device industries. Keysight is the only company that offers this integrated solution for accurate battery-drain analysis and provides the needed testing information required to manage the wide dynamic-current-range utilized by these devices.

A multitude of mobile, highly dispersed, battery-powered devices exist in energy, automotive and medical environment. Often times their power consumption is growing faster than their capabilities, and this results in battery run-time as the critical point in the operational life of a device.

Medical device manufacturers need to maximize battery life on monitors and sensors that interact directly with the human body and its functions. Energy companies often locate battery-powered devices remotely to collect information from water, gas and electric meters. Automotive engineers must confirm that on-board monitoring equipment will function without failing to ensure safety over many years.

Mobile, battery-powered devices often transition between sleep current, idle current pulses and active current pulses when in full transmit mode. Measuring low current and pulsing current with fast rise and fall times over a wide dynamic range is difficult. Previous available tools failed to provide accurate measurements when the current signal rapidly changes and the current varies depending on what tasks the device and sub-circuit is performing.

Keysight’s integrated solution for battery-drain analysis includes a DC power analyzer modular mainframe, 2-quadrant source-measure unit, and control-and-analysis software.

Additional Information

    More information about Keysight’s integrated solution for accurate battery-drain is available at Images are available at Further information is available at the new General Electronics Measurement blog.

    A video, “Keysight Battery Drain Analysis with Seamless Measurement Ranging,” which describes the device impact of power usage, is available on YouTube at

    Pricing and Availability

    Price information is available by contacting Keysight at Orders are currently being accepted.

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