Intelligraphics, Inc.

IGX Wireless Advanced Roaming

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Android, Windows 7/8/10, and WEC7

Maintain Persistent Wireless Medical Device Connectivity with Advanced Roaming Software
Medical device manufactures are looking for Wi-Fi solutions that deliver robust connectivity, tight security, and flexibility. Intelligraphics offers Wi-Fi Advanced Roaming drivers that allow wireless medical devices including infusion pumps, heart monitoring, glucose monitoring, and wearable devices for home healthcare to scan for and connect to an access point (AP) within milliseconds.

Medical Devices Require Constant Connectivity
Wireless devices must be able to disconnect from the current access point (AP) and very quickly reconnect to another AP without dropping mission-critical data.


  • Allows wireless devices to disconnect from the current access point (AP) and very quickly reconnect to another AP without dropping mission-critical data
  • Enhances environments that use radio management software that automatically adjusts AP configurations, causing devices to reconnect to another AP
  • Enables persistent connectivity of wireless medical devices, both mobile and stationary
  • Significantly improves wireless roaming performance, which includes scanning and locating another AP to establish connectivity
  • Helps eliminate the chance of data gaps that result in a lost waveform, or a condition that fails to trigger a medical alarm


  • Constantly scans for the best available AP, connection occurs within milliseconds
  • Helps improve access to real-time monitoring and diagnostic information, make decisions faster, and improve patient outcomes
  • Supports all types of 802.11 wireless APs, seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure
  • Provides optional enterprise-class security and CCX features
  • Licensing for multiple platforms and software including Linux, Android, Windows 7/8/10, and WEC7

Wireless mobile devices, stationary wireless systems, wireless devices for home healthcare


IGX Wireless Drivers For Key Industries

  • Industrial – M2M, asset tracking, mobile robotics and printing
  • Medical – Wireless diagnostic and monitoring devices, home healthcare
  • Warehousing, logistics – Wearable and mobile devices, pick/put-away
  • Enterprise – Mesh networking, access points, wireless VoIP
  • IoT, retail, consumer – Wearables, smart appliances, beaconing
  • Government, security – Packet sniffing/injection, network characterization
  • Transportation – Security/tracking, inter-train, intra-train, and train-station communication

Contact Information

Intelligraphics, Inc.

11615 Angus Road
Suite 212
Austin, TX, 78759

tele: 469-951-8911
fax: 972-479-1760

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