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Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Android OS, Debian, Yocto
Interfaces: mini PCI Express Bus, 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, More.

The TS-TPC-7990 is a competitively priced, commercial grade, 7” Touch Panel PC solution with i.MX6 ARM SBC and a choice of capacitive, resistive, or high brightness resistive displays. Designed with tight-budgeted HMI applications in mind, the TS-TPC-7990 has a solid balance of embedded ruggedness you’ve come to expect from our products as well as interfaces and standard connectors to easily, quickly, and reliably deploy your solution to the field.

The TS-TPC-7990 boots U-Boot from a small onboard SPI flash, and loads Linux from microSD, eMMC, or mSATA. The TS-TPC-7990 ships Debian Jessie by default which provides a massive repository of prebuilt applications and services and Debian provides a long history of focus on stability and support. Yocto is also available to take full advantage of the i.MX6 GPU providing simple integration with QT Creator and Eclipse IDEs for rapid development. Other images for Android and Ubuntu are also available.

The Yocto environment is a powerful, stable, and familiar software stack, including common Linux tools and interpreters. With Yocto we provide an x86/x86_64 cross toolchain which supports common onboard libraries and integrates with QT Creator, and Eclipse IDEs. Interpreted languages, like Python, Java, and C# (Mono), and more are easily available.


  • 800 MHz Solo or 1 GHz Quad Core NXP i.MX6 ARM CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB MLC eMMC Flash, configurable as 2 GB SLC for added reliability
  • Micro SD card socket
  • XBee header with Nimblelink modem support


  • WiFi/Bluetooth radio (optional)
  • Mini-PCIe slot with PCIe
  • mSATA on Mini-PCIe slot (Quad only)
  • Accelerometer (optional)
  • Daughter Card for 60 second power hold time (optional)


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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