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    • AI Technology and Employment

      Adding context to the current beliefs about the AI pros and cons which emerged in a survey. Few topics divide opinion as significantly as artificial intelligence (AI). While organizations

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    • Waste Not—Fully Utilize PCIe Resources with Device Lending

      Device lending provides a new tool for creating the right mix of components to maximize application performance, allowing more flexibility to seamlessly, effortlessly share resources before having to purchase additional resources. PCIe provides the ability to create complex systems from small to large. Device lending through PCIe adds the flexibility to maximize the use of these systems.

    • CO2 Sensors: New Possibilities

      Why the latest options for detecting carbon dioxide—which can do so while consuming one-thirtieth the power of other approaches—have significance for a range of industrial and medical

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    • Wireless Sensors Work Harder than Ever

      Industrial wireless sensor networks are increasingly used to track and monitor, but integration and intelligence mean they also protect and add security. The use of sensors in industrial