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  • High-Speed, Real-Time Recording Systems Handbook

    In today’s world of high-speed A/D converters operating in the gigahertz range, real-time signal recording has become a challenging task. When designing a real-time recorder capable of streaming sustained data to disk at rates of up to 3 GB/sec and higher, the developer has to consider the limitations presented by the operating and file systems, disk drive technology, the hardware interfaces, and the RAID controller technology. This handbook describes some of the features that are widely desired in such a system, including the use of a non-proprietary file system and the use of a client-server architecture.

  • Where Does FAT Fail? - Exploring Compromises in this Ubiquitous File System Format.

    As an early option for data organization, the FAT file system attained a certain ubiquity. This paper examines characteristics of the FAT file system that leave it vulnerable to corruption, and some ways vendors (including Microsoft) are trying to make it more reliable. Can reliability be achieved without sacrificing interoperability? Is the performance cost worth the benefit?

  • Choosing the Right Cooling Methodology for OpenVPX™ Deployments

    Which chassis cooling methodology is best for your application? This paper summarizes the basic chassis-level cooling methodologies that are commonly used with VPX: air, conduction, liquid, convection, heat exchangers and more. It provides you with the strengths and weaknesses of each methodology and offers guidance on which to choose.

  • ATCA for Military, Aerospace and Other High Performance Embedded Computing Users

    This paper addresses the forces driving the requirements of high performance embedded computing (HPEC) for military and aerospace applications, including the modular open system approach (MOSA), commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), and reduced size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) as it applies to ATCA. The paper assumes a basic understanding of AdvancedTCA. An introduction to the technology is provided in the Artesyn Embedded Technologies white paper, "ATCA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

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  • ATCA® Systems & Blades

    Centellis® AdvancedTCA® platforms from Artesyn support leading-edge packet and data processors while providing a degree of ruggedness in a compact and power-efficient bladed architecture.

  • Managed Scalable GigE Switches

    The LAN35MH08HR is an 8-port 10/100/1000 Managed Ethernet switch. This switch module has a total of 10 ports: 8 ports are provided to I/O connectors, one port is available to the host

  • RTR 2736A Serial FPDP Rugged Portable Recorder for M&A, Radar and Communications apps

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows® 7 Professional workstation with high performance Intel® CoreTM i7 processor The RTR 2736A is capable of capturing up to 8 Serial FPDP data

  • RTR 2736A Serial FPDP Rugged Portable Recorder

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows® 7 Professional workstation with high performance Intel® CoreTM i7 processor The Talon ® RTR 2736A is a complete turn- key recording system

  • TinyATOM

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows & Linux The TinyATOM is a highly integrated single board computer on the PCI/104-Express stackable form factor. The TinyATOM is powered


    Compatible Operating Systems: ModBus Supported Architectures: Ethernet base The ATC-ETH-DIG-I/O is an Ethernet based Multi-Function I/O module that employs dual Altera Cyclone®

  • MIL-STD 810 ADLRHD-1650 Removable Hard Drive Assembly

    The ADLRHD-1650 has been developed for military and industrial use scenarios that can benefit from MIL-STD 810 shock and vibration durability but also requires frequent SATA drive removal

  • XVME-6700 6U VME SBC

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, VxWorks Supported Architectures: VME 6U Acromag’s new XVME-6700 6U VME single board computer will add 7 to 10 years of life to your systems

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