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GPGPU-based HPEC Solves Toughest Mil/Aero ISR Problems

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  • Model 5220

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows & Linux Supported Architectures: Open VPX, PMC/XMC, cPCI, AMC, PCIe, FMC The Bandit® Model 5220 is a two-channel, high-performance,

  • ADLMES-8200 High-Ingress Protection (IP) Modular Enclosure Systems

    The ADLMES-8200 is a highly innovative embedded enclosure design. Its highly configurable modularity makes it possible to expand or reduce a system without replacing the entire enclosure.

  • NEW ADLE3800PC – Intel® E3800 Series PCIe/104 SBC

    The ADLE3800PC is based on Intel’s first System-on-Chip (SoC) E3800 Atom product family which is built using Intel’s 22nm 3D Tri-gate process. It offers vastly superior compute

  • XMC-1553-x

    Dual UTMC 1553 SUMMIT Controller Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, Bus Monitor Modes MIL-STD-1553B optional IRIG-B VITA 42 compliant 1 Lane PCiexpress Options:

  • MCH Gen 3 - 40GbE

    A game-changing technology for MicroTCA systems, the Gen 3 MCH has fabric options of 40GbE/PCIe Gen 3, SRIO Gen 2, and crossbar switch for any fabric. The UTC004 has unprecedented clocking

  • Rugged and Secure Storage Products

    Supported Architectures: VME, VPX/OpenVPX, CompactPCI, PICMG 2.16, ATCA, AMC, PMC, XMC, CompactPCI, Ethernet, PCI Express, PMC/XMC, VME, VPX Elma’s family of embedded storage products

  • WILD Data Storage Solution - 12.8 TB/Slot

    GENERAL FEATURES 12.8 TB of Storage Per Each 6U VITA 65 Compliant OpenVPX Slot Up to 6 GB/s Write and 7 GB/s Read Bandwidth (write bandwidth determined by system environmentals)