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  • Transforming the Military Embedded Computing Landscape

    This white paper describes the key market drivers, technologies and building blocks that the military is increasingly embracing from the commercial world that provide a clear path to increased operational capabilities within the size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints that are a feature of today’s most demanding programs.

  • Computer System Design for Critical Applications

    "Industrial computer" is a widely used term that unfortunately can be quite ambiguous, often applied to computers that may outwardly appear "rugged", but have little real advantage over commercial PCs. However, there are many applications that need a computer system that is truly built to a higher standard.

  • Analog Signal Conditioning for Accurate Measurements

    Q: Should I put some sort of circuit between my sensor and an analog-to-digital converter?
    A: Yes. You probably need some signal conditioning. The explanation below goes on for a bit, but stay with it and you'll understand what you need and why you need it.

  • Determining an Effective Analog Sampling Rate

    Q: How often should my equipment make measurements? A: This question often arises when people draft plans to automatically measure a physical quantity such as temperature, pressure, acidity, liquid level, and so on. You can approach this problem in several ways, from an educated guess to a mathematical analysis of your system. The examples that follow use temperature measurements because people measure temperature more than any other physical characteristic.

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