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AMD's "Beefy" APUs Bulk Up Thin Clients for HP, Samsung
GHz Timing Giving You the Jitters? Three Things You Need to Know
A Bypass for the Sake of Health(ier) Performance
Really Rad FPGAs Bulk Up Density

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  • Selecting a Bus Analyzer 101

    As avionics buses on military and commercial aircraft become more varied and complex, a bus analyzer has become an important tool for use during integration, validation, deployment,

  • RAR-XMC Capabilities Overview

    In dynamic development and production test environments where multiple flight computers are supported, patch panels have been the typical implementation for migrating between different

  • Classification of Objects from Video Streams

    Imagine a world in which brilliant machines “understand” what’s around them – and communicate that understanding to other brilliant machines, making each of them collectively smarter. Today’s technology innovations are driving the object classification algorithms of tomorrow’s brilliant machines. This paper illustrates how the edge nodes of the network can interact with a variety of real world sensors then apply the “collective learning”, such that the experience of an individual machine contributes to the learning of the whole.

  • Parasoft Embedded Testing Starter Kit

    Static code analysis, runtime memory monitoring, unit testing, and flow analysis are all valuable techniques for finding bugs in embedded C-based software. On its own, each technique can help you find specific types of errors. Applying just one technique or applying the techniques in isolation, however, may allow bugs to slip through the cracks. The safest, most effective strategy is to apply all of these complementary techniques as part of a complete process. This establishes a bulletproof framework that helps you detect bugs that can evade specific techniques, while preventing future defects in your application. By applying a defect prevention strategy based on several quality activities, you create an environment for eliminating critical and difficult-to-detect functional problems.

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