Military and Aerospace Solutions for the Entire Design Cycle

Connect Tech delivers solutions that are ideally suited for the demanding needs of users in the Military and Aerospace industries. Use our off the shelf solutions for rapid proof of concept and/or benefit from our design expertise and select a modified design for an exact fit solution.

Our products include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express, PCI, PCI Express, FeaturePak, Qseven, Ethernet, CompactPCI and ISA. Our standard product line includes:

  • CPU and SBC Boards
  • FPGA  & Digital I/O
  • Multi-Port Serial Cards
  • Solid State Drives
  • CAN Controller Cards
  • FeaturePak
  • Ethernet-to-Serial Devices
  • Wireless Radio Modems
  • Development Tools

Connect Tech Products

PCI/104-Express CPU

The Xtreme/CPU, Connect Tech’s latest PCI Express solution, is the first PCI/104-Express CPU board to incorporate Qseven modules. Xtreme/CPU is an embedded carrier board which is based on the PCI/104-Express form factor. This compact processor module enables complete integration with any industry standard Qseven module. Xtreme/CPU conveniently provides on-board connectors which allow for instant access to Qseven features including:

    • 2x SATA
    • 2x RS-232 and 2x RS-422/485
    • 4x USB 2.0
    • PS/2 keyboard and mouse
    • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
    • LVDS
    • VGA Video

    Incorporating PC/104 products with Qseven creates an I/O platform with a scalable CPU. This feature provides users with instant access to Atom-based products that are easily upgradeable by simply changing the Qseven module in order to take advantage of future generations of Atom.

    For information about Xtreme/CPU, visit
    For information about Qseven, visit

    FPGA Development Boards

    Designed for PC/104 and PCI-104, Connect Tech’s FreeForm/PCI-104 and FreeForm/104 are fully customizable and highly adaptable. Based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and Spartan-3E FPGA, these products are ideal when time to market is of the essence, re-programmability is a must and when speed and accuracy are critical.

    PC/104, PC/104-Plus & PCI/104-Express Multi-port Serial Boards

    Connect Tech offers Xtreme/104, Xtreme/104-Plus, Xtreme/104-Express, and Xtreme/104-Express Opto for the most demanding industrial and embedded applications. Surge suppression, optical/electrical isolation, industrial temperature, 9-Bit data and synchronous model options available.

    Solid State Drives

    Connect Tech’s FlashDrive/104 is an ideal storage solution for rugged applications. Its high-density flash memory is easily accessible using industry standard ATA or IDE interfaces and offers immense storage capacities (4, 8, 16 or 32GB) for reduced latency and rapid data transfer. Programs and files are stored without the disruptions that can be caused by shock, vibration or extreme temperatures. Driverless operation – any operating system, any time.

    CAN Controller Cards

    Connect Tech’s CANpro/104 Opto and CANpro/104-Plus Opto CAN Controller Cards feature optical isolation for maximum data protection, high data transfer rates and network control capabilities. The CAN technology used in our controller cards enable error detection and confinement to maximize the microcontroller’s functionality.

    Wireless Radio Modems

    Xtreme/104 Radio Modems combine CTI’s PC/104 serial expertise with Cirronet’s frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology.  Immune to noise and multi-path fading, Xtreme/104 Radio Modems provide reliable, uninterrupted data communications up to 20 miles in line of sight environments through point-to-point or point-to-multipoint access. Choose from 900MHz or 2.4GHz models.

    Development Tools

    Simplify and accelerate the development process with Engineering Tools and Fixtures offered by Connect Tech.

    Modified COTS Solutions

    Connect Tech delivers a broad range of COTS products, however when a unique requirement needs to be met, our modified COTS solutions may be the answer. Shorten your design cycle and reduce your development costs by leveraging Connect Tech’s design expertise. A modified approach can see your project delivered on time and on budget while shortening time to market.


    Immediate. Visit for a complete list of products.

    Application Areas

    Ideal for military and aerospace applications that require high tolerance to extreme temperatures, shock or vibration.


    Connect Tech Inc.
    42 Arrow Road, Guelph, ON Canada N1K 1S6
    Telephone: 519.836.1291

    Contact Information

    Connect Tech Inc.

    42 Arrow Road
    Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1S6

    tele: 519.836.1291
    fax: 519.836.4878


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